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  1. This is your encouragement to sag ur pants today!   Sag ur pants like ur a sagger and you mean it - sag like you want to sag - sag like you want your boxers to be seen - sag like you enjoy sagging!  Wear boxers you would want to see a sagger wear and sag ur pants how you would want to see guys sagging!  Wear your best sagger pants and the boxers you want everyone to see! Show off your pants sagging as much as u show off ur underwear!  Let ur pants sag low boxers showing and be proud of how your pants sag and boxers show.  Sag ur pants like a proud sagger!  Show off how proud you are to be a sagger!

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    2. JoeBoxerSagger


      Probably the best way to gain confidence is to practice  😏

      Today is your day! Toss on ur coolest clean boxers sag yo pants go grab a few groceries 😜

    3. Emohotboy


      Lucky u ! In my city there is no more saggers any more ! Thats why I came often to this site to see hot sagging and boxers 

    4. Lee249



      @Emohotboy sorry to hear that mate. You seem a little tense 😔

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