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  1. I might or might not given a wedgie to my crush in elementary school in the locker room while he was in a single boxer brief (a sexy one I might add)
  2. When I was 14 I sort of stole one of my classmate's undie, but I returned as I realized it would be easily traced back to me
  3. Latino means that guys from latin America, but the south is called latin because all nations there came from Spain and Portugal both being Latin language, so I jumped to the conclusion that European Spanish boys must be latinos as well, while in fact they called Hispanic.
  4. You are actually correct, I thought Latino comes from the fact that both Spanish and Portuguese in the latin language family, but apparently Spanish boys are referred to as Hispanic only. So I take back my previous statement.
  5. Latin Americans are just Spanish and Portuguese people that have moved there, beside mixing their DNA a bit with Native Americans it's the very same group of people.
  6. Do European Spanish boys count? If so, I would recommend Oscar Casas on IG, he is an actor and he occasionally sags and he is also a surfer so his body is amazing. (here is one pic as a teaser)
  7. This one is an interesting one. I started when I was around 11, as I feel for my someone and he was hot (athlete). I have a pretty high sex drive, I jerk of multiple times a day 3-4 times, occasionally more, but I doubt I did that many times when I was still in elementary, let say 2.5 I guess. 10 years is 3650 days, but let's take out like 150 days for when I'm sick (I'm rarely sick but when I am, my sex drive is hibernated), so let's say 9125, give or take a thousand or more. No clue how much is that in volume as if you do it multiple days the first one is always a lot and the last ones are "
  8. Just make sure its something pink, it's a dying species
  9. Okay but there's an issue. If a 17 year old a week before their birth day and an 18 year old a week after their have sex (so the age difference is 14 day) why is it not okay but okay 7 days later? Also a pedophile have sexual interest of a person pre-puberty (younger than 11-13ish), interest in someone under the age of 18 but after puberty is called ephebophilia, and actually it's pretty common, most teenager ephebophiles actually.
  10. Disclaimer: I have no intention to start a war, simply I'm interested in the opinion of others' so keep it civil https://twitter.com/h0ezil/status/1339703439102754816 Here is this post on twitter, grinder conversation where a stranger says he is looking for young 16-year-old twinks and the poster of the tweet responded with saying it isn't right. Most of those that commentet on the tweet agreed with the statement that having sex with 16-year-olds isn't right. So I'm curious what y'all think about it. The age of consent is lower in the EU than in the US, in EU it ranges 14
  11. For me the last time I had sex with an other person was last Septemberish. While I consider myself a very sexual person, I'm no really good at the emotionless stranger hook up stuff and the amount of pleasure from a random hook up doesn't worth it for me.
  12. Then I'm rephrasing: Half of the US is either rioting, victim of riots or their life is directly impacted by the riots
  13. We do not care more about property than human lives, but sorry to say that but he is dead, you cannot bring him back, the only think you can do it to prevent anything from happening ever again and for that you need the support of the majority, but when you are trying to fight the stigma that makes black people the target, it really does not help you that that half of the US is rioting and many of the major cities are under curfew because of the violence.
  14. You might be right, black people aren't the ones raiding the city, but I don't see them doing anything against that. 2016, Honk Kong protest, 1.5 million protester, 25k PO, no looting nor people hurt 2019, London protest, 1 million protester, zero looting, 2019, Prague protest, 300k protester, still no damage to property 2020, US riots, nation-wide, at least one dead, hundreds injured, damage to public and private property is probably in the billions now
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