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  1. Vikkin


    Then I'm rephrasing: Half of the US is either rioting, victim of riots or their life is directly impacted by the riots
  2. Vikkin


    We do not care more about property than human lives, but sorry to say that but he is dead, you cannot bring him back, the only think you can do it to prevent anything from happening ever again and for that you need the support of the majority, but when you are trying to fight the stigma that makes black people the target, it really does not help you that that half of the US is rioting and many of the major cities are under curfew because of the violence.
  3. Vikkin


    You might be right, black people aren't the ones raiding the city, but I don't see them doing anything against that. 2016, Honk Kong protest, 1.5 million protester, 25k PO, no looting nor people hurt 2019, London protest, 1 million protester, zero looting, 2019, Prague protest, 300k protester, still no damage to property 2020, US riots, nation-wide, at least one dead, hundreds injured, damage to public and private property is probably in the billions now
  4. Vikkin


    but that does not justify people to set buildings on fire, loot stores
  5. Vikkin


    I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of it, here in Europe we watching it like the US is on the edge of civil war. I get why the black community is deeply offended, the PO should go down for Involuntary manslaughter (if I understand american law properly). But the riots are just pathetic. Setting buildings on fire, looting stores, attacking people without them actually being involved is also unacceptable and they should be sent to prison for that. Many POs should be punished, run over a protester with a horse? Using pepper spray on the media? Yes they all should go down. I follow a guy who's a PO in Alaska, and he said that he despise POs that think they can get away with more just because of the uniform. Both sides should be punished, and a whole nation should be reformed but knowing the history of the US and the current political situation, not sure much will happen. It's no longer to good Obama administration days, but the butt hurt "he started it" child administration days. Let's hope something good comes out of this one.
  6. Vikkin

    Fetish for jeans

    I'm personally a big fan of skin tight supper skinny jeans, tho it is not easy to find the good ones. I'm more into the Bershka, Pull and Bear type of them
  7. Vikkin

    Sagging and health concerns

    I don't have a degree or anything, but I'm using logic, also could you link the article? nerve problems in the thighs: Nerve tissue damage doesn't happen out of thin air, you need to damage them and the only way you could damage them is if you wear your jeans in an odd way, it could apply pressure which could disrupt the blood flow, thus damage to the nerve. Yet I really doubt that you could apply such pressure to cause any real harm, only thing you can do is over stimulate your nerve receptors but that doesn't results in damage, but increased threshold for acknowledgement from the brain. erectile dysfunction: This one on the other hand can be a real problem, if you wear your jeans so that the waist band is over the genitalia, it could cause overheating (but that one affects the fertility), the actual problem is blocking the genitalia from moving which indeed could cause such a problem (because of this, its ill advised to wear anything skin tight as underwear while sleeping, as guys have on average 6-8 erections during a night and it helps to avoid such problems) bone structure: This one is definitely false, either they meant problems with joints or its just not true. Unless you suffer from some condition by the time you get into your twenties your bone structure will be fixed and even if younger, it has to be an extreme case or has to be over multiple generation. Its likely they meant problems with joints as the jeans restricting movement in such a way as it isn't intended could alter the movement of a person and could lead to wearing of joints (and the problem here that if a joint works incorrectly, it could shift everything above that, like really thin sole could screw up the curves of the spine in both dimension)
  8. Vikkin

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Hungary, middle Europe here. We are doing just fine so far, on Wednesday state emergency was declared, and university education been suspended and yesterday all education here been moved to the digital space, students are banned from school grounds, we are only allowed to enter once to gather our stuff (it is expected that we will finish the school year from home). Number-wise okay, we only have 25 cases (so 0.25 case/100k population), of which only one sever (elder cancer patient) but many clam its because of the bad healthcare system. As every country in the EU we have shortages of hand sanitizes and masks, we so far haven't ran out of toilet paper or various goods (but shelves may not be loaded quick enough). The big demand actually took place just around when everything went south in Italy, when our first case occurs there was a minor increase, but most of the people have by then filled their supplies. Now we are just looking ahead of an interesting school year
  9. I know that gays are in general not the most monogamous creatures, yet I consider myself the opposite, I believe in love like in fairy tales and all that, I know for a fact that I do judge people that have sex with multiple sexual partners and I’m judging polygamous people. I’m 20 and in the past 4 years I’ve only been with 4 person (2 of them was a boyfriend, one is a sort of hook up sort of date), which would be alright on its own, the problem that at the same time I know that there’s a part of me that is pretty much a wh*re. My sexuality is pretty f*ed up, I have a very strong obsession with undies (but I know that its not considered excessive) and other kinks which also includes the idea of being used like an object, choked, breath control stuff, I even get turned on by the idea to get stealthed which is pretty insane. I don’t understand why I’m craving a relationship with marriage and living happy ever after (I really do, not the social pressure kind) and at the same time I wanna be breed by dozens of cute twinks/jocks, get the life fucked out of me, like properly used like an object and when someone tells me that they had sex with multiple people (double, triple digit) I feel like I’m jealous. I understand why I have the later ones, but not why the earlier one at the same time. I know this isn’t the typical kind of topic people talk about here, yet I wonder if others feel or felt the same way or just an opinion.
  10. Vikkin

    Running leggings/tights

    I'm attending high school (it works differently here than in the UK) and during the winter usually every class have a PE lesson outdoors and 2/3 of boys are usually wearing tights and the area is filled with hot 20-25-year-olds in these as the university of PE is like across the street
  11. Vikkin

    Members who are 13-16.

    I was 16 when I registered to this site but I have been around probably since I was like 14.
  12. Vikkin

    Am I gay ?

    He is not turned on by men, only by the sight of them sagging which is an important fact here. Could be either the one I mentioned before, an incorrect wiring of your brain or you actually have some sexual interest in the same sex (which is actually quite common but society likes to oppress it).
  13. Vikkin

    Am I gay ?

    You could have some bisexual tendency meaning that in general you like girls but every now and than you like a guy (some sexual-psychologist say that most of the said to be heterosexual people have this tendency). Another possibility that you seeing older guys sagging made your brain think there's a correlation between sagging and sex making you turned on by it. The latter one is pretty common especially here (but I'm not sure if rest of the straight people also have this kind of think or only those being into boys).
  14. Vikkin

    Running leggings/tights

    In the first 2 years of high school, our teacher used to take us outside during the whole year even in winter, now imagine 33 15-17 year old in these kind of outfits. That **** was hot as hell
  15. Yesterday I saw a cute boy, 17-18ish (I'm aware that's not the age group of the people here, but I'm all in for teens), really hot (both literally and figuratively) Under Armour leggings and tops, which till yesterday I thought you supposed to wear them in cold and not 32-34 C°. I was wondering that those gears are quite similar to underwear in general by being skin tight and if people that are into underwear are into those kind of gear too. PS.: I attached a pic if my description of what I meant was not clear enough

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