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    I like to play soccer and when I wear my soccer shorts I sag them low and also I sag soccer pants. I usually sag areopostal underwear and hollistat underwear. I mostly wear soccer shoes and vans shoes and I like to wear black tank tops all the time.and I like to masturbate a lot with soccer clothes
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    Sagging, soccer, and cute guys
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  1. Adidassagger


    Any gay guys that would like to exchange pics? My username on kik is coolguy755 I will also be will to date anyone or meet up with anyone in the Chicago area
  2. Adidassagger

    Does Anyone Sag Below Ass

    I do I would love to be your boyfriend
  3. Adidassagger


    Doesn't matter how old you guys are. I'll date anyone
  4. Adidassagger


    Add me on kik my username is ismaelh155151
  5. Adidassagger


    Any gay guys out there that will be my boyfriend?
  6. Feel like sucking a guys co ck right now

  7. Adidassagger


    Do any of you guys eat your own cum. Just a few days ago I was masturbating and then I was like why not so I started to eat my cum and it tasted great.
  8. I'm feeling really horny

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    2. sagger803


      U should suck my dik Kik me at sagger803

    3. sagger803


      U should suck my dik Kik me at sagger803

    4. Paul91


      Ditto ;) lovin my Adidas pants, too lol.

      Definitely want to get some of their shoes x)

  9. Adidassagger

    working out

    I thought this said wanking off
  10. Adidassagger

    Word Association Game

  11. Adidassagger

    ALS Challenge

    Hey flameboard what brand are this shoes
  12. Adidassagger


    I could get into the site
  13. Adidassagger

    Soccer players

    Are there any soccer players here who like to sag
  14. Adidassagger

    ALS Challenge

    Really nice videos

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