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  1. SaggerLogan

    younger with older

    if it's legal then it's legal, and really i wouldn't want to date someone who's really older than me when im 20 years old. i no im 16 but too young, also if i no about love and i think i do it depends on if u love them the same way and vice versa and as long as it's legal love who u love
  2. SaggerLogan

    What are you wearing right now?

    grey shirts, sagging black shorts with black and highlight green shorts under sagging mid-ass, with black tennis shoes on
  3. srry i no what it is i just don't no how it looks. anyone willing to send a pic of double sagging or multisagging or anything else they'd like me to no about sagging. after all im a sagger-in-training i think?
  4. Anyone have a facebook account? I do it´s Luka Love, so leave me a message.

  5. Am I still sagging-in-training?

  6. SaggerLogan

    Is it weird?

    Is it weird to feel happy, sad, mad, depressed, and glad?
  7. SaggerLogan

    Is it weird?

    thnx. that was an up and down day but then it went up so i wasn't sad. we r only human after all. what we can do is amazing when we r positive thnx.
  8. SaggerLogan

    Is it weird?

    thnx. i feel better and im going to look on the bright side. thnx.
  9. Oh yeah, if u wanna vc with me my gmail account is frostprincelogan@gmail.com.

  10. Life is going sideways right now, so I'm trying to look on the positive.

  11. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    I think I have a crush on a guy who sags really low and my friend said that he and I heart each other which could be true. what do i do? this is the first time i've admitted that and i just don't no if he feels the same way. aoem of u went out with a guy how does it go?
  12. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    yep. imma keep on sagging my pants.
  13. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    exactly no one is going to control me just yet and i will find someone(Mr Right) one day. (Hopefully he sags)
  14. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    i will.
  15. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    it didn't happen but i will find one one day
  16. looking at images and pics of all y'all sagging as made me inspired and just to see how everyday life is y'all who sag low has got me to thinking also im staying on here once i get a phone and im 18 or 19 years i'll send some pics too.

    1. LeonSagger


      That's dope, bro

  17. SaggerLogan

    Have a crush on a guy

    thnx for the advice u 2 r correct but if it does go bad at least i tried bc i won't be heartbroken just bc of it.
  18. SaggerLogan

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    i'm listening to Insomnia by Daya look it up if it's ur tastes then that's up to u.
  19. Status Update:Skype won't let me in. It says someone used my account to send junk mail.

    1. lo2go


      Thanks for the warning.  Hope Skype techs fix it soon.

    2. secsagger999


      well that's not good, i'd do a password recovery then change it once you're in. 

  20. I have new Skype. It's Logan Jacklin, so look me up.

  21. SaggerLogan

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

  22. Last year, i went upstairs to the lunchroom at school and i saw an upperclassman and i kept on staring at him. He said, "What r u looking at? U looking at my crotch area? U wanna see my c**k?" I went like What the F**** and said yes. None of my family members no this, and i'd like to keep that way. I sucked his c**k every time we were in the bathroom and i loved it.
  23. i´ll chat wit anyone about sagging or whatever else they wanna talk about.

  24. i´m a cuddle-monster and if u sag then ur an inspiration to me.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  25. SaggerLogan

    What are you wearing right now?

    a wolf shirt, grey hoodie, red joggers, black boots, black bball shorts, and a grey coat

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