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  1. Status Update:Skype won't let me in. It says someone used my account to send junk mail.

    1. lo2go


      Thanks for the warning.  Hope Skype techs fix it soon.

    2. secsagger999


      well that's not good, i'd do a password recovery then change it once you're in. 

  2. I have new Skype. It's Logan Jacklin, so look me up.

  3. SaggerLogan

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

  4. Last year, i went upstairs to the lunchroom at school and i saw an upperclassman and i kept on staring at him. He said, "What r u looking at? U looking at my crotch area? U wanna see my c**k?" I went like What the F**** and said yes. None of my family members no this, and i'd like to keep that way. I sucked his c**k every time we were in the bathroom and i loved it.
  5. i´ll chat wit anyone about sagging or whatever else they wanna talk about.

  6. i´m a cuddle-monster and if u sag then ur an inspiration to me.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. SaggerLogan

    What are you wearing right now?

    a wolf shirt, grey hoodie, red joggers, black boots, black bball shorts, and a grey coat
  8. SaggerLogan

    Guys with a small p***s

    ok that's good.
  9. SaggerLogan

    Any guy bi or gay?

    16 but confused if im gay or str8.
  10. ok. people do different things. live ur life.
  11. yeah, i no right. im actually listening to Don't let me down by chainsmokers featuring daya.
  12. SaggerLogan

    Saggin' Mishappen

    ok. now that's somethin.
  13. SaggerLogan

    Worst Ways to Sag

    yep. truer words has left no one to say until now.
  14. right, sagging ain't dead until the last one is sagging, so yeah, it doesn't matter where u r as long as ur the one sagging.
  15. SaggerLogan

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    My cousin told me about saggerworld, but I didn't no so many people shared my interest of sagging. I maybe 16 years old and don't exactly everything about sagging, but I want to see what this website is.
  16. SaggerLogan

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    thnx cousin and im really srry for not reading the rules of the gallery. i didn glad im still on here.

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