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  1. Anyone else feel like they know they will sag whenever they feel like it, but realize they never let it happen anymore? Well, that's the case for me. Ironically, I sag low when I jerk off, and leave my joggers like that, but when it comes to anything else, I'm like nope. No sagging right now. I feel like I'm going to sag more whenever, especially when school is over. For now, my sagging has died down to sagging alone in my room, but if someone were ask me, "Hey, can you sag right now?" I'm a be like "how low you want me to go?" Or "I'm going to sag whenever I want around you." You can say I wo
  2. (dramatically gasps, and rolls my eyes) I have become a sagger, who only sags when jerking off. Pfft. What?! True, but I only sag rarely to occasionally now. (rolls my eyes) I know I will be sagging more, halfway to below, but little by little when it comes to being in public and around family. Alone, yes. Around family, and in public, little by little, but knowing how I am. I might just sag midway when it public and around family.

    1. Denimsag


      Why has this happened? 

      It's winter now. You could do a double sag showing shorts or another pair of joggers if showing underwear is bothering you.  Good Luck.

    2. SaggerLogan


      That's actually a good idea... I haven't thought of that.

  3. I had forgot I paused the song on Youtube a hour or two ago, and somehow it just started playing on its own. I wasn't even on the tab Youtube was on. It just startled me, and luckily my camera and mic weren't on or otherwise my teacher and classmates would've heard the song I was listening to earlier. Other than that I was sagging my joggers low and doing my work

  4. One of my favorite songs atm... It really speaks to me like other songs
  5. I have to teach myself to type without looking at the keyboard, and learn how to hold a pencil correctly in my left hand~ This is going to be more difficult than fun, because when I was in elementary school I never wanted to learn how to do those things. I thought it was always dumb like writing in cursive, but boy I was wrong. It takes more time for me to type and write than it does to watch 10 second video. So, now I'm going to have to teach myself how to do those things~ Ugh! I wish I had learned these things in the past instead of having to learn it now

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    2. SaggerLogan


      Yeah, it's where you have to put in your memory. You have to remember where everything on the keyboard is. Like for instance, the j and f on the keyboard... Complicated, but I forgot how it worked

    3. TheOther1


      Yeah I know what it is, but I didn't know people like tried to learn it as such. For me (26yo), it just came naturally at some point, I guess when I was a kid.

    4. SaggerLogan


      Oh. That's understandable

  6. Bored in online school, but I have ways to enjoy myself. Sagging low, listening to music, etc.

  7. I can go a year without masturbating. Welp... I really enjoy doing it tho. Just not used to doing it as much
  8. Sagging low during online school. Feels better to do it too

  9. Gotta update Social Media~ And a lot of things

  10. Online school is so boring. I'd rather do something else, but eh. I have to graduate so there's that. Planning on more in the future, but not right now. One day at a time.

    1. Denimsag


      As long as you are sagging during lessons you can be having fun too.

      Or double sagging - double the fun.

    2. SaggerLogan


      yeah, good idea

  11. I have a random question, so I want a snake bite, a septum, a tongue piercing and three piercings on both my ears. How painful is it to have them pierced?
  12. So, I don't know if this has been a topic before or not or even if it has been done before but... Social Media is both weird, and fun. I was on TikTok, and the WAP dance or whatever it's called, was on and so I tried it in front of my family and they were surprised when I did a high kick and dropped it low. My ma said, "Oh he's definitely gay." I was like I know. She is gay too. My twin is gay, but my older brother is straight as far as I know. My twin got half her hair shaved, and I shaved my head bald. My hair is growing back so, it looks like I have a buzzcut. I have a necklace with my gran
  13. It don't matter if you're fat or slim, or even muscular. What matters most is how you like your sag, not how others see it. Just liking your sag no matter how low it is and not worrying how much you weigh matters. If you want to sag, sag
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