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  1. ApisAries

    Exposed underwear

    I agree, it's weird and I don't do that.
  2. ApisAries


    I don't know what makes someone a "true" sagger. I don't think wanting one's pants to fall is an essential part of sagging. If you want your pants to fall down and sagging them low will result in them falling down, what exactly is the problem?
  3. ApisAries

    What will happen when I'm 18?

    Definitely keep working on your goals. It might be a slow process too, but eventually you'll see good results. What will you go shopping for and how low are you planning to sag in the future?
  4. ApisAries

    What will happen when I'm 18?

    Nothing major will happen with you. It's not a magical wall that's suddenly breaking down. You'll still be you. Getting older and becoming more mature is a gradual process. You won't even notice most of the changes.
  5. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    How about a really simple costume? You could go as a typical sagger. Although the tiger furry costume sounds interesting, too.
  6. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    Mostly raspberry pie.
  7. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    An old school hip hop outfit might be a good choice. Or sagger skater punk like in the 90s.
  8. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    I sometimes hang out with them. They work at Ikea, in the basement where the refrigerators are stored. Some of them aren't real werewolves though, just furries.
  9. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    It looks like a big humanoid wolf with sagging jeans, a ripped tanktop and high top sneakers. Oh, and they always wear sunglasses at night, because they're allergic against light (moon light, taillights of cars, lanterns, but not against refrigerator lights for some odd reason).
  10. ApisAries

    What should I wear for Halloween

    You could go as a sagger werewolf from Pluto. You wouldn't believe how many of those inhabit the tiny planet. They don't get along with the wedgie vampires from Charon at all.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that these girls are totally self-absorbed, believing that everything should act according to their opinion?

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