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  1. What basic social concepts do u think u don't understand?
  2. R u saying ur parents were right not to let u sag at 10 if ur saying mid teens they should start letting it?
  3. I looked again as close as I could and ic it different. I think ic a belt on the cargos basically and no underwear showing
  4. I really like the top pic with the dude sitting through the window with what he’s wearing shirt cut all the way down and he maybe wearing cargo shorts commando with a nice little sag wish I was there helping them out with whatever they’re doing
  5. Here’s the one other pic I got of that dude that day
  6. I got this pic of some dude a few weeks ago. It was hot so I was sideless also
  7. I wear sideless shirts a lot summers cause it’s hot and like hardly anybody says anything anymore cause I think it’s what people are used to seeing me wearing How long has this sideless dude been with u guys or wearing sideless?
  8. Another dudes shift done moving packages at the big shipping company where I work too u got to move fast and trucks r hot and there’s no ac Good place for wearing a sideless shirt if u want to
  9. That’s cool Do u wear anything underneath? I got mine for summer so I like never got anything under but I got jerseys with numbers and letters cause u really can’t see through it so much i basically try to be comfortable and it’s not to show off. U can like totally see everything through a plain meshy jersey what size r yours Matt? cause with mine if I was wearing them with pads like for football practice for real they would like hardly come halfway down but without the pads they basically get to my shorts
  10. do u like football jerseys or sideless shirts better for when its really hot by ups?
  11. What kind do u wear? Like meshy or solid and do u got anything under it?
  12. I’ve never seen a football jersey without sleeves unless they were like cut or ripped off
  13. https://images.app.goo.gl/sJkp33ZRMB3n3w6y8
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