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  1. Hey bro in the story u r writing r u more into the 16 year old dude or the woman?
  2. Yeah I’d like to see some pix too
  3. Yo there’s a thread on sideless shirts. I like how yours is cut all the way down. I wear stuff like this all the time when it’s hot but always with shorts and I got like all mine put away cause it’s too cold now. It’s cool that ur still wearing yours wherever ur wearing it
  4. And dont let anybody rush u into anything. If ur not really sure u want it dont do it
  5. Thats cool but i would like to see twilight shift in a hub in florida in summer
  6. I wish I could see what ups hub dudes in like hot Florida wear
  7. Showing crack isn’t really my thing but great video for me cause I really like when shirts just barely reach down standing and go up even when u move just a little
  8. Well i think we been doing that too. Talking about the story and coming up with theories. I dont think nobody is saying you did wring but just what u also could of safely done if u wanted to
  9. So true but its so hard to know what to say right when u have to say it
  10. I wouldnt of been smart enough on the spot but u could of said im good but i got a friend that needs a job. What ind of work is this? What company r u? Can u give me your name snd numbrr? Maybe it was like a small movie thing or with fashion. They were dressed in suits asked with other people around in the day and wanted to go to a coffe shop with u where there would still be more people around. Still if u really thought it something wasnt right it can be good to trust your instinct
  11. What made u want to start this thread now later? Just asking
  12. How long ago did this happen? And was it in the daytime or at night?
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