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  1. cargoshorts


    Can somebody move this thread to off topic discussions. That’s where I think it belongs and it can be easier to find later
  2. cargoshorts

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I think some areas and jobs are going to be hit a lot harder than others. vacation places or if you work in a restaurant or hotel are going to have it worst. But I think it will get back to the way it was
  3. cargoshorts


    Totally agree for sleeping on hot summer nights or maybe just hanging out but for work like by ups loading boxes it don’t feel like freeballiing in basketball shorts give me enough protection
  4. cargoshorts

    Duality in sexuality

    Stuff like guys trying professional wrestling moves on each other is one thing but seriously thinking you want to be choked or stealthed which is what the guy at the start said is different. Ncis is a good show You just don’t want to be in a real alley dead
  5. cargoshorts


    Its definitely a different feel and i had to get used to it. Dude at work got me into it one summer cause i saw him doing it. The extra air around my body felt good right away. I just had to get used to the harder cargo shorts fabric but now its ok
  6. cargoshorts


    It’s when u don’t wear underwear like boxers and stuff
  7. cargoshorts


    I do it when it gets really hot outside and its good but then i just dont sag as low
  8. cargoshorts

    Duality in sexuality

    Theres a difference between dreaming about something and really wanting it in real life. Its like crazy stuff thats cool to see in a movie i wouldnt want to actually be in for real
  9. cargoshorts

    A Or B?

    Cargo shorts i do it all the time summers to keep cooler but just dont sag as much when i got nothing underneath place you stay being too hot or too cold
  10. cargoshorts

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    Heart for me. I think it’s the only way to really get things done. I’ll work a lot harder for somebody that I respect than somebody who tries to scare me.
  11. cargoshorts

    Word Association Game

  12. cargoshorts

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    That makes me think how crazy have you seen people go with clothes at your hub when it’s a lot hotter than 82? Seen anybody ever working in just shoes and shorts? At the end I’ve seen people leaving like that from other parts of the building but Im not sure what they were wearing when they were on the clock working.
  13. cargoshorts

    Second had clothes

    That is exactly what I do for basically the same reasons. eBay is sometimes good too if there is something you are looking for that you really like Sometimes I think the thrift stores have a lot more to choose from then the real stores and for a lot less money. I always bring a tape measure with me to find what will fit the way I want.
  14. cargoshorts

    What are you wearing right now?

    Are you a driver now?
  15. cargoshorts

    Word Association Game

    VHS tapes

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