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  1. Do y’all seriously believe this guy’s story? He’s so clearly lying jus sharing a fantasy of his. Of course the fantasy being about his 17 year one son makes it a little creepy.
  2. Haha 4 times was a bit on exaggeration. It’s prob closer to 2. Thanks tho!
  3. I have some. 2 pairs. Black and blue. They both have rips in them, so I can’t wear them to school.
  4. Cool underwear. I always wanted some Ethikas. I don’t like sagging in shorts tho. Don’t like when the shorts go below the knees.
  5. Hehe yes sir. I’ve started sagging again. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed my friend in the class has started to as well. It’s hot!
  6. My friends know I sag. Idk if they think I do it on purpose. One did ask me if it was more comfortable for my jeans to be so low to which I responded by saying that he’d never go back if he tried it. It’s so popular to show your designer waistband that some sagging is almost expected, so it’s no shock to my friends. Yes, there are some saggers at school.
  7. I’m certainly eating this punishment. I had to wear my jeans normally today for the first time in forever. It is so uncomfortable, and I had a wedgie all day which was locked in by the fact that I was wearing a belt lol.
  8. Hahah thanks bro. Made me feel a lot better tbh. I feel like if I tell them it’s because I forgot a belt they will try to argue with the school about it being a dumb reason. Clearly that wouldn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll try it though. I will think about it tonight. My friend snap chatted me saying, “damn bro I could’ve given you a belt Lmao.”
  9. Hi everyone, I’m Dallon (don’t judge lol blame my parents). I always wanted to sag growing up after seeing my brother and his friends doing it. I finally got the confidence to do it in public, so I started around last year. Funnily enough, I expected to get a lot of **** from my friends for it, but nobody really seems to care. There’s been 1 or 2 comments about it, but they never were anything memorable. I really feel like I e gotten a good system down of how to keep sags covered but also make it obvious I’m sagging. I like around mid ass. On the day in question, I was sagging
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