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  1. the point is to be bubbly and utopian. its based off a graphic novel, so its tryna capture tht feel. Young royals is great tho
  2. even w this, I have seen store workers sagging with their shirts tucked in as silly as it sounds. They were really committed to it!
  3. you aren't understanding what im saying homie
  4. thank u for ur incorrect psychoanalysis, bud.
  5. Let's hope these pics don't serve to embarrass all of us. I jus cant believe how often he was sagging w skin showing
  6. Bro ion think its ridiculous either. I've been sagging for years, but i'm saying haters are gonna use this pic against us because of how low he's sagging and how dumb he looks
  7. lol that's a weird character trait to give a wrestler. Wonder whose idea and why
  8. dammm that is humiliating. Poor guy guy his sag made fun of and a huge wedgie. Wonder if sagging is part of his character
  9. no its ******* embarrassing. it makes it look like he doesn't know how to sag and casts a ridiculous image on the rest of us that do sag properly. Antis gonna use this pic as a, "look how ridiculous sagging looks"
  10. This is honestly the highest form of embarrassment to a sagger, imo. He had this happen so often. Idk how he wasn't embarrassed by this. This is worse than your pants slipping off in public.
  11. Do not sag when getting on a treadmill set to a fast speed.... had an ultimate sagging fail today that left me sprinting while my pants slipped further andĀ further down. I was left pantless in a crowded gym and at the mercy of my friend to stop the treadmill- do not reccommend lolĀ 

    1. ElCarnicero


      You were sagging at the gym?!!

    2. Wedgie_sagging08


      yeah lmao why r u shocked

    3. ElCarnicero


      As you pointed out, NOT a good idea to do it on a treadmill.

  12. do all these sags really count since they are for a silly trend? it's not like real saggers
  13. I sag simply for a few reasons: 1. it's so much more comfortable than wearing pants normally. it also jus makes jeans nd sweatpants/ Nike Tech pants look so much better look so much better 2. I got nice belts and underwear that I didn't by not to be seen at school nd in public 3. I like the message it presents to the world about myself. like it shows im not some uptight karen and it helps me fit into my social circles 4. I buy my jeans a few sizes to big anyway so they naturally sag 5. I started doing it a few years ago bc my brother nd his friends were always saggin
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