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  1. who wants to do some sagging C2C now?

  2. who is up for C2C on skype now??

  3. who is up for C2C on skype now??

  4. hey man, loving the new album!! just as hot as the rest of them ;)

  5. Hey bro, what up? Where in aus r u?

  6. damn man, really hot!!

  7. Thx for ur comment Avii, and i agree with Ohai, Hot new album!! ;)

  8. hey dd, loving the new album, every pic is so hot!! ;)

  9. hey man, thx for the friend request. nice albums!! :)

  10. hey man, hot album!

  11. hey man, great albums, ur pics r hot!!

  12. hey man, great album!

  13. hey man, hot albums!!

  14. as always dd, HOT!! Loving the new album ;)

  15. hey man, great albums :)

  16. hey man, great albums!! Couldnt decide on which pics to comment on coz they r all hot haha

  17. hey man, great albums!!

  18. well dirrty, we both in aus so if u wanna squeeze it, go for it lol

  19. no probs man, really great albums! extremely hot

  20. yepp. melbs here. where u at?

  21. Thx man. ur albums r damn hot ;)

  22. Man, your albums are HOT as ;)

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