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  1. Enter discord codes to exchange Pics and talk.
  2. Hey guys just wondering if anyone else does this , so basically does anyone sag their boxer briefs going inside and through their buttcrack like a line? Do you sag like that?
  3. Hey guys what’s your favorite colour of boxers or boxer briefs to sag in? Mine is white black and red.
  4. Hey guys today a delivery guy is coming and I want to sag super low for him so he can see my underwear what should I do? I need help haha 😂
  5. Hi guys I love to sag but what’s the hottest length how low should I sag? And i made a new album called “my best sags” by me and posted my favorite sags of mine pls check them out and comment
  6. Hey saggers! I made a new public group on Kik for straight saggers you’re welcome to join it it’s called : Straight Saggers only
  7. He’s so ******* hot I love it those abs are to die for (drooling)

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