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  1. Jamesstadden

    Sagging on buttcrack

    What do you mean haha
  2. Enter discord codes to exchange Pics and talk.
  3. Jamesstadden

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else does this , so basically does anyone sag their boxer briefs going inside and through their buttcrack like a line? Do you sag like that?
  4. Jamesstadden

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    Because it’s hot haha
  5. Hey guys what’s your favorite colour of boxers or boxer briefs to sag in? Mine is white black and red.
  6. Hey guys today a delivery guy is coming and I want to sag super low for him so he can see my underwear what should I do? I need help haha 😂
  7. Jamesstadden

    How low should I sag

    Hi guys I love to sag but what’s the hottest length how low should I sag? And i made a new album called “my best sags” by me and posted my favorite sags of mine pls check them out and comment
  8. Jamesstadden

    What are you wearing right now?

    I have those boxers too
  9. Hey saggers! I made a new public group on Kik for straight saggers you’re welcome to join it it’s called : Straight Saggers only
  10. Jamesstadden

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    2 sagging turns me on
  11. Jamesstadden

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I usually vape most of the times I love vaping and sagging but don’t start as it’s bad for you.
  12. Jamesstadden

    Bulge placement

    Hahaha same bro

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