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  1. Do you like free ball sagging if so check me out on flickr at Lewisjefferson i post tons of free balling pics and i would appreciate it if you could comment on a few vids or photos 

  2. Any new pics in da future from you your sags are always hott asf 

  3. Hey guys I have been sagging for all this week so far and haven’t been caught at school so I will carry on sagging even if I get caught will be posting some pics tommorow 

  4. Hey guys I have successfully sagged all this week and none of my teachers have really noticed when I was sagging I would purposely drop  my pen so I had to bend over and pick it up and when I did that people were able to see all my sag I hope to carry on sagging for ages and I will defo keep posting pics

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. animorphus


      Grats dude. I loved my days sagging in 6th form college, glad to see you’re enjoying it too

    3. Daddysgums
    4. MGSag


      I sagged in school and I didnt care when someone told me to pull up my pants 🤣🤣

  5. Hey guys I was able to sag all day today I did a double sag with bball shorts so I had trouser over my bball shorts and pants will be posting some pics of it later today

    1. lo2go


        Always eager to see your posts!  Keep 'em cumming . . . .  😊

  6. Hey guys tommorow at school I’ll be sagging with bball shorts and I’ll post some pics after I have finished school can’t wait to start sagging more 

  7. Going to be sagging at school again tomorrow don’t have the teacher that caught me last time so I should be able to do it all day tommrow but I’ll let you know what happens and hopefully I will be able to do it without pulling them up half way through the day 

  8. Hey guys today I started to sag at school it was very successful and I was able to sag all day most of the teachers didn’t notice but one of my teachers did and they made me stand at the front of the class and show everyone that I was sagging also ended up with a detention but just because of this teacher I am not going to stop sagging I started sagging no that low today but I eventually want to sag really low at school so if there are any tips and tricks you could tell me I would appreciate it also I’ll give you updates as I carry on sagging

    1. yesthatguy


      If you want to sag in school, it’s best to be discreet about it. How? Wear a belt so it is less likely to fall or don’t sag as low. Wear a longer shirt but when you want to impress people with your boxers then simply pretend to stretch or wipe your face with your shirt. Make sure to wear impressive brands such as Calvin Klein and all that. Message me on discord if you want anymore advice or help from me. Username is Duckington#0486

      Good luck mate

    2. SaggingIsTheBest


      I send u request on discord

  9. Hey guys


    1. Emohotboy


      Hey bro, nice to meet u on this site. Where u from? 

    2. SaggingIsTheBest
  10. Going to try to sag a little tommorow at school any tips and tricks??

    1. SaggingIsTheBest


      Hey guys after I start to sag tomorrow I will give you updates on how it goes also if you guys could help me and tell me how you sag or how you started to sag because I really want to get into sagging around people because I only really feel comfortable doing it around myself and nobody else

    2. Ashley


      Start with the waistband showing first, takes a bit of time getting used to how your pants sit lower when you're around people but you'll get used to it! 

  11. I want to start sagging but how do I do it in-front of people

    1. SaggerCentralOhio


      Generally, you have to build up to being comfortable with it.  I'd say start by doing it a little bit at a time and as you get comfortable, go a bit lower each time.  Also helps to have some skinny type pants that you can wear low but maybe don't look very saggy.  It feels a little odd at first, but you will adjust to the feeling of having a different 'waistline'.  My 'natural' waistline is now around the upper part of my butt since that's where everything feels normal and how I wear any pants/jeans/shorts now.

    2. SaggingIsTheBest


      Thanks I will try to 

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