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  1. Bought a new pair of swanky blue acid-wash style skinny jeans today during my break... All i need now is new undies. Next week! Any ideas brandwise? 😁 

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    2. Lukey


      Fairs, shame on you man! Never mind, was an IDEA?

    3. salesmerlin
    4. Lee249


      It's NOT that Luke and you know it mate. 

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  2. Lee249

    What is your favorite colour?

    Any colour but pink. Oh ****... Next album may feature pink undies for a laugh 😊 who knows. I think pink looks ok on saggers tbh and it is unisex.
  3. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Code breaker
  4. Lee249

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    It's because when he knocks on your door to deliver, you have something for him too 😁 @TheOther1 surprised you didn't think of it lol
  5. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Bad boy haha 😜
  6. Just discovered this gem 💎 crank up the volume and enjoy 👌🎧🎵😀⬇
  7. Lee249


  8. Lee249


  9. Lee249

    How are y'all?

    True. I just write something in status if i'm suffering from negativity lol 😁 I'm doing good. Managed to get some extra shifts over the next month which means more dollar whoop, whoop. I don't remember the last time, i was able to fit two albums in so close together given how hectic my life has been this year. Certainly haven't posted as many albums over the last 12 months than normal. Still enjoy sharing my sag with y'all. It's always an immense pleasure 😊
  10. Drank a bottle of wine to myself after a difficult and stressful day at the office. Feelin a bit pisshhhed lol 😊 I don't feel any better though tbh. Could do with someone X 

  11. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Flip flops Low-tops or High-tops? (Shoes)
  12. Still love this 😊
  13. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Language... Is that French or Spanish?
  14. New album posted. Take a peek when it's approved guys 😁

    Preview here: ⬇



  15. Lee249

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    Always been fascinated in the Oz brand Bonds, but never actually explored into getting a pair. Next on the to-do list lol
  16. Lee249

    I shouldn't

    @AdmiralolsenWell said dude!! 👏
  17. Lee249

    I shouldn't

    Your mum loves you immensely and you know that too. It's a clear old-fashioned stance in which she portrays by making judgement. Talk to her mate, because she will understand.
  18. Required a burst to lift my mood 😉
  19. At my friends house warming right now sagging low in belted jeans wearing white CK bbs horny asf. Avin it large with champs 😊 x

    1. Lukey
    2. Lee249


      No, not on this occasion sadly. 

  20. Lee249

    Bulge placement

    Hmm... How did that work for you. Was it bruised from being stuffed?
  21. Lovely evening with clear sky after the sun has set. Showery at the start, but nice end to the day 👍😀

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