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  1. Yesterday's post. I came to the conclusion that i was dehydrated and drink hadn't been spiked. I've been deyhydrated alot recently so this must've caused those symptoms. Sorry for worrying everyone. I've removed the post. Lee x

  2. Nine times out of ten i wear jeans or sweats. I rarely wear anything else like Chinos which is something I'm hoping to change. It has crossed my mind recently. It'll be great to try something new 😀
  3. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Flipflops Headbands or Bandanas?
  4. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  5. Lee249

    I wish I had a sixpack

    This is a great analogy dude 👍
  6. Summer anthem in the making 😀
  7. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Peanut Butter - smear it over my body before you 'use' me hehe 😜 Olive Oil
  8. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Lamb British Fish or Chips? 😉 Taste amazing on the Norfolk coast around the Wash. I've been to Hunstanton many times. Love them arcades too lol
  9. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Strawberry Milkshake (Moose later) haha
  10. Just uploaded a new album 😁 I also wanna thank you guys for always being incredibly supportive! It means alot to me. You're amazing. Lee x  

    1. SaggersRhot


      I'll look forward to when your new pics are up. I've been looking at some of your older pics and I didn't know you had so many albums posted. I will check them out. You are so cute and have such a nice ass and hot sag! :love:

    2. SaggerCentralOhio


      Very nice photo shoot. Sooooo hot! Thanks for sharing! 😘

    3. Lee249



  11. Lee249

    What are you wearing right now?

    Thanks @maxflibuddy 👍
  12. Yet another cloudy one today with sunny intervals. Temps have been in the low - mid 20's as they have been this week. Around average for the time of year. Not too hot... moderate 😀
  13. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Tomatoes 🍅 Lettuce or Cabbage?
  14. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  15. I didn't have time to shoot an album this week unfortunately. However, i'm off ALL next week 👏 I'll get one up soon x 

    1. relayer00


      I wish I could get one up ... you :)

  16. Lee249

    What are you wearing right now?

    Threw on some checked design boxers for a change today 😁
  17. Lee249

    Tank Tops

    Showing skin is always good. I say to people 'just be yourself' don't hide god's gift. You should be able to come and go as you please, do what you want and not be judged by society. Who cares what other people think. It bothered me in the past because i had an abusive boyfriend who manipulated and alienated me from friends. He used to make me feel powerless. Since he left the scene, i've been leading a normal happy life 😀
  18. Lee249

    Word Association Game

    Tennis ball 🎾
  19. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Lmao! I literally just chuckled reading this... Now i'm weird 😂😂😂 High gloss paint Vibrator or Neck Massager? 😜
  20. Lee249

    Are the Heart or the Hammer?

    *bumped* I'm interested to find out what other people are like. Cool topic 😁
  21. Cloudy with the odd glimmer of brightness around 21C here. Atleast it's not the stifling summer heat the UK experienced this time last wknd. God that was hot! Thought i was gonna keel over at work and that would've not been good lol
  22. Muggy again. 30C scorcher expected 2moro. We have air-conditioning but no fans. The buggers took the units away after last summer. I'll think of something... Part of the job lol
  23. Lee249

    A Or B?

    Haha 😂😂😂 Cows. Fish or Chicken?
  24. Lee249

    Word Association Game

  25. Bit intoxicated haha 😊 spent the evening with pals i haven't seen for donkeys. Supposed to be working 2moro hehe 😜 lovely day out in the sun. 

    1. Denimsag


      Didn't know you were a cockney, Lee. You even use it correctly. Hope your boss doesn't catch you skiving off in the sun.

    2. Lee249


      Nah, i'm not London born. Just a few phrases here and there which i've clocked mate 😉


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