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  1. Yeah but his butt is amazing
  2. anyone wanna cam with me it's matthew.doernberg on skype

  3. thanks for the comment.. not to bad urself

  4. Thanks u too

  5. hey! Send me a picture of you.. and maybe i will!!! Where are ur pics? my email is magicmatt123@gmail.com

  6. hey thanks... I love those jeans they are a size 50 when I wear a 38.. haha they are very confortable.. and yeah.. lucas is a hottie... and so are you? and no i don't live in the UK.. I live in the United states.. but I do have skype.. and email.. it's magicmatt123@gmail.com.. would love to chat with you...

    see ya



  7. hey hottie! Thanks for the comment! Ur hot also!

  8. I think they are reban.. I think.. not sure.. thanks man!

  9. let's not and say u two did, he's mine! sorry mrmusicmix he's my boy!

  10. hey! miss u! Hope ur doing alright!!! muwah!

  11. hey! haven't talked to u in a while!

  12. hahaha yes we can private chat here is my yahoo justookrazy@Yahoo.com for yahoo messenger. Do u also have skype?

  13. wow I live like 6 hours away from you! haha sweet! I live in Ohio!

  14. well hello there cutie! Of course I would love to chat with you! ooolalala!! haha ur adorable!!!! Matthew Doernberg is the name on skype and my personal email is magicmatt123@gmail.com muwah!

  15. i am weraing my big baggy black jeans! past my ass and ****!
  16. alright my yahoo messenger is justookrazy@yahoo.com and my skype is matthew Doernberg akron hope to talk to you soon!

  17. sure, its on skype matthew doernberg in akron and my email is magicmatt123@gmail.com

  18. sure lets cam sometime!

  19. really? Sweet! would love to be part of your show! I think ur hot also! haha Do u cam at all?

  20. hey budd.. thanks for the comment.. u have yahoo messenger?

  21. hey hottie! xoxo

  22. thanks for the comment sexy!! ur nice looking also!

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