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  1. in atlanta, looking for partner to F**** hmu

    1. johnshere


      i can help you in that

  2. chat with me, back

  3. New pics out. Check dem out ;)

  4. new pic, check it out. ;)

    1. Miguel



  5. got it again today...

  6. Live in atlanta? Looking for hook ups

  7. oh yeah, might also post a pic of me and my boyfriend...doing something. ;)

  8. new pic soon since school is driving me crazy

  9. thanks u sexy people for 1k profile views ;)

    1. datdude03
    2. Avido


      It's been a pleasure!

  10. Can't believe I pulled my friends boxers down and kissed him, F**** yes

    1. CosmoBoy


      sounds amazing, tell us more dude !

    2. Avido


      Deffo - tell us all the details! Please!