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  • Biography Loves to sag and chat with other saggers, so if you ever feel lonely: feel free to send me a message!
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  1. Does anyone know what would be an reasonable price to pay for used/worn boxers?

    1. kaden


      Prob depends on brand but sometimes I see if they just want to swap a pair instead of buying. Pvt message me if you want!

    2. Lee249


      Erm, to start with the p&p costs are normally around £1.50 for a pair. What brand are you selling or buying? :)

    3. Yellowdots


      Selling, multiple brands: Jack & Jones, Björn Borg and some more ;)

  2. Ordered some cheap new Jack & Jones boxers :)

    1. CosmoBoy


      we want pics !! :D

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  4. Sterotypes Of Where Your From

    The Netherlands/Holland: We invented tulips (not true) We all live in windmills (not true) We all walk on wooden shoes (not true) We want to spend as less money as possible (maybe true ) We euthanize old sick people (not true, although Rick Santorum disagrees) And I'm sure there are some more...
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    Roman empire
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  15. How Often Do You Change Your Underwear

    Usually every day, sometimes twice if i change clothes and my boxer doesn't match with the rest of my clothes