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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Idk kind of random but, When wearing crew socks with shorts. Does it look better to bunch up the socks and my feet or to wear them up?

    1. whitethugboi


      Wearing them up is hot.

    2. Dutchbboy


      wear them up!!

    3. sneaxdude


      Wear em up dude

  3. Jerking

    Lol yeah. I dont seem to see many people around jerking. IDK. Ill have to dig a little deeper on youtube as well. Thanks
  4. So freaking board right now. Don't know what to do.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iHaveNoBrain


      lol yeah i might get up to that

    3. CosmoBoy


      pics approved ! nice one ! are you still bored, now ? ^_^

    4. iHaveNoBrain


      lol. I found managed to find some other things to do while taking those pics

  5. Jerking

    Kind of random. How can I learn to jerk.
  6. Don't really have anything to say.

    1. CosmoBoy


      is it because of your nickname ? ;)

    2. guest


      silent sagging is fine

  7. I am getting a G-Shock from this deal thingy. Which colour is best? http://www.dealticker.com/product.php?product_id=18619

    1. sagger4life


      Love the one thats mainly black with some blue! I like the red one other than it looks like it might be too bright of a red. :)

  8. Word Association Game

  9. Word Association Game

  10. Word Association Game

  11. This dude who sits beside me is so hot. He is a swimmer and his arms ands legs are so hot. It sucks he almost always weres a sweater and jeans.

  12. Word Association Game

  13. The Houdini Sagger

    U mad bro?
  14. What Are Some Good Brands Of Skinny Jeans?

    Thanks a lot.