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    Hey SaggerWorld - I love this site, great to have so many good mates on-line! I joined in like 2006. I'm a bi-sexual 25 year old. I have been sagging for 12 years off and on. For the last 4 years i have sagged almost always, and will sag almost always for the rest of my life. I am always up for a chat so hit me up anytime here on skype or KIK. Also checkout my tumblr: http://junktunking.tumblr.com/ (warning: adult content)
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    Sagging, Web design, Tumblr, sex, hot guys, hot girls, swimming, lifting weights.
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    Web Designer

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    1. Greg1992


      Awesome story. Can't wait for the next one.

  1. add me on KIK: jtunker

  2. Great find! Thanks for sharing \\Happy "Hump" Day Everyone\\
  3. Having an awesome day!

  4. new years resolution: sag every day!

    1. JM10


      Such a good resolution, I may have to do the same!

    2. mjb310


      I plan to do the same dude!!

      Keepin it low bro :)

  5. today is a day I wish i could be in a better mood :-p I wonder if i will have a day where i can feel normal sometime soon!

  6. I cant believe TOMORROW is the last day of the year!! oh my goodness! how much change has happened. Alot more change to come in the next year!

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