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    san diego,calif.
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    Luv to sag and check out the hot saggers
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    sagging , guys, & saggers
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  1. Yes he is one Hot sagger wet or dry Great Video
  2. HOT Sagging Dude luv all the photos😈
  3. He is one HOT Sagger !
  4. I luv saggin low bball shorts look & feels Hot !
  5. Hot sag pics man.

  6. HOT !
  7. 225

    Red hot sag
  8. 223

    Nice low baggy sag dude!
  9. Hi Received it today luv it great job Flamrboard !
  10. Just wondering where you got ure sagging DP pic from as thats a good mate of mine!!

    1. ronone


      Hi thw profile pic is of me sagging some black skinny jeans my ae bone boxer briefs nice of you to ask but it me.

    2. flameboard


      well thats the one on your main profile pic and is hot, but like next to your name when u post here is my mate sitting on a toilet with his red and black cap on.

  11. Great pics flickr dude
  12. just slide them down to take off or take a piss !!