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  1. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Valentine’s Day Special ❤️
  2. How often do you clean out your underwear drawer

    You wouldn’t have skid marks if you wiped your ass right !
  3. Opinion about facial and body hair

    So hot 😍
  4. SexySaggerYo Videos

    New video 💣
  5. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Merry Christmas 🎄
  6. He’s totally underage :/
  7. Two great vids.

    Yeah the first video was filmed and posted by me!
  8. SexySaggerYo Videos

    33 minute long video 😲
  9. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Wet shower video!
  10. What is your most liked picture?

  11. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Two new videos
  12. New album with my boyfriend is up!

    1. Dillon
    2. sagstvp


      Great new album bro!

      Love the bright bbs on the both of you!

  13. Waiting for a new hot album of urs, hottie

  14. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Special new video 🙏

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