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  1. Hey whats up? ;)

  2. hey, cool pic!

  3. yeah, I have yahoo messenger

  4. thanks. your sag looks also hot!

  5. not right now. but I think I'll take some pics of me soon

  6. Hey, your pics are really hot

  7. Name: Paddy Age: 22 Height: 165 cm Weight: 59 kg Sexuality: gay Hobbies: music (making and listening to it), meeting with some buddies,... Style: skater/baggy/sports Location: Germany
  8. thanks for your comment. just can say that your saggin is also really really hot. i'll probably create an album in my profile soon (just need a cam to take photos first)

  9. Hey thx.

    But your pics are also really hot!!!

  10. Most time i sag with boxers, but sometimes also like to sag with BB shorts instead of boxers.
  11. Cool, same here. My normal size is also 30 and my baggiest one is 34 too.