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  1. Hey whats up? ;)

  2. Nice vid on xtube dude. :-)

  3. Thanx fah duh add hottness!! When yew get a chance PLEASE get at duh page && show madd love!!

  4. hey, cool pic!

  5. yeah, I have yahoo messenger

  6. Do you have IM?

  7. thanks. your sag looks also hot!

  8. you look hot dude. hit me up sometime. :-)

  9. not right now. but I think I'll take some pics of me soon

  10. hey man thx! I like your profile pic. u got any others to share?

  11. Hey, your pics are really hot

  12. Hey Alter! Was geht´n so ab?

    Alles fit im Baggyschritt? ;)

  13. Name: Paddy Age: 22 Height: 165 cm Weight: 59 kg Sexuality: gay Hobbies: music (making and listening to it), meeting with some buddies,... Style: skater/baggy/sports Location: Germany
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