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    Sagging low (and jo) in bbs and bballs or jeans with hitops (Osiris, DCs, Supra, more), trading gear (bbs, bballs, tees, caps, sneakers, etc), piss
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    skaters, low saggers, hmu for more
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  1. Awesome new pic set

  2. SexySaggerYo Videos

    Very hot
  3. SexySaggerYo Videos

    That's one of the best vids I've ever seen! Amazing
  4. 2016 Random Pics

    Various sags through the year
  5. Underwear Swap

    Yeah, I'll message you
  6. Whats Ur Favourite Skate Shoes?

    Osiris for sure
  7. New Orlando shirt and sag pic up in 2016 Random Sags album. #WeAreOrlando

  8. need loosy big sneakers

    Osiris. Enough said
  9. Cool style, man! Keep it that way, you're great!


    New Osiris hitops arrived...can't wait to start sagging with these!




    1. Guest


      Dude, they look AWESOME!!!

      Can't wait for the album!!!

  11. The US Snap a Sag game is underway again! Check my post from today (3/7) in the Snap A Sag Usa Replies forum thread on the homepage for details.

  12. Which High-tops Would You Choose?

    Osiris work best for me

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