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  1. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  2. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Powerstroke Duramax or Cummins
  3. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  4. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Bubble butt Cut shaft or Uncut shaft
  5. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  6. Pabsman2024

    Favourite brand of jeans for sagging

    Levi's 501 jeans with buttons to close the croutch
  7. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Ford is stopping selling and building cars in the North American Market to Focus on selling SUV'S and Pick-up Truck's we can still have the Mustang in North America but No Fiesta, No Focus,
  8. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Bottom Sleeping in boxer shorts or sleeping in the nude
  9. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    Cabin fever
  10. I use a electric razor to cut down my hairy bush and use a manual razor for a closer shave
  11. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

    The flu
  12. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Butter Ribbed for his pleasure or ribbed for her pleasure
  13. Pabsman2024

    Word Association Game

  14. Pabsman2024

    A Or B?

    Fries Pancakes or Waffles

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