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  1. At my house I have a whole dresser full of underwear mostly boxer shorts and boxer briefs. At My girlfriend's house I have 2 drawers full of boxer shorts and boxer briefs
  2. Boot cut jeans Dark Grey crew socks or white no show socks
  3. We did it took a hour we dumped the laundry basket on the living room floor
  4. It 1 degree outside but I sleep with the window open and fan on in my room I didn't want to get out of bed
  5. Rain Black crew socks or black no show socks
  6. I just took out the trash out it -2 degrees Fahrenheit out my nipples got hard
  7. Big spoon Kint boxer shorts or woven boxer shorts
  8. Maid to do the chores Cher or Madonna
  9. Sweep the floor with a broom Hot woman maid or hot guy Maid
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