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  1. Singing The Who or The Rolling Stones
  2. As of Thursday april 8 the 2021 I am fully vaccinated against covid-19. As of today in my state of Illinois anyone 16 years old and up are now eligible to get the vaccine

    1. ElCarnicero


      I have an appointment for my first dose on the 15th.

  3. Saxophone Walking around in your underwear or walking around completely naked
  4. Clarinet Trumpet or Trombone
  5. Oldies rock EDM or heavy Metal
  6. Now summer is coming it going to be tank tops , side less shirts and shorts with boxer shorts sagged mid ass and with little nip slip action
  7. For us Americans Canada is the easiest one to become a citizen
  8. I haven't gotten my refund check yet I they said it was mailed out on april 2nd now it april 7th I have talked to my letter carrier they have them at the post office but they are so short staffed and the increase demand and they aren't allowed any overtime to get the **** out. It's time to privatize the USPS or have UPS or FedEx take over the United States Postal Service
  9. Sniffing underwear Sniffing Men's Underwear or Sniffing Women's Underwear
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