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    I just got into sagging around oct of 2010 trying to be a better sagger ,im slowly sagging more and more each day i used to be very shy about it but im starting to enjoy it
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    im into to guys with freckles and into sagger and hobbies wise im just playing xbox 360
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  1. That not true I know people that got gauges and took care of there ear and didnt rush it. when they took them out and stop wearing them,the hole close after a while and there plugs that make it look like there not gauge that hide it. I dont see the problem with them
  2. Great first album, hot :)

    1. Arm19


      Thx , I had friend help me with it lol

    2. Miguel


      Nice, must be a good friend :P

  3. im kinda of the same way on the neutral part but i cant see why you would want to be alone if your str8, i would rather try to get a girlfriend if i was you and hopefully have kids one day but that me. everyone different
  4. I know what you mean im the same way i like guys because my fetish , my a freckle fetish i love guy with them for some reason
  5. thx ,and yea beside my boxes looking baggy

  6. does anyone remember why you first start it sagging? or what the reason was?
  7. i have heard story about people doing it and i seen video and pictures that show it like in the Saggers showing crack or pubeszone
  8. what do you think about freeball sagging and about guys that do it in public ?
  9. idk about tongus piercing but im thinking about getting both of my ear pierced and going for ear gauge but not sure yet what type of plug if i do get this summer
  10. happy birthday sagginstud i hope you have a good one bro

  11. Your welcome and im doing good just hang out with.my family

  12. Nice pictures bro

  13. Thx man and I did have a great birthday

  14. Hey bros im planning to put up some freeballing picture when I get a chance to, if yall have any suggestions let me know.

  15. I was wounding how I should take my picture and how should i sag in the pictrue if I did?