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    I'm a bi aussie and love to sag and see other saggers. I have a youtube and Sagging Low account :)
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    Clubbing, sagging, tennis, fitness, food and fun ;)
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    Bar tender
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  1. hey bro, i might be comin to melbourne again in august, let me know if u wanna hangout and do some saggin

  2. New year!

    New vid:
  3. New butt

    New video as well:
  4. Hey HotAussie ;)

    what about a New Hot Vid? Maybe a New Album soon? 

    Half a year since your last pics :(

  5. More butt

  6. I lurve you!!!! Enough said :)

    1. HotAussieSagger


      Haha thanks, I appreciate your comments ;)

    2. Lee249


      Hi there hottie. I believe it would be simpler if i gave you 5***** across the board in future lol. PHWOARss!! :D x

  7. blue sags

    new video on xtube
  8. New sags finally

    my bubble is back
  9. Random sags

    New video up soon on youporn ;)
  10. College sag 2

    new vid:
  11. Congratulations your my Sagger of the YEAR for 2014!

  12. Bubble Butt

    My hot butt ;)
  13. College sag

    video will be up soon ;) youtube: tmfgr
  14. Had to drop by and say how much i LOVE the new pics. They're all incredible mate. Laterz x

    1. HotAussieSagger


      haha thanks man, always good to hear feedback! x


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