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  1. Some Dutch guys in for some chatting? Add me on Skype!

  2. I'm on holidays in Berlin, anyone 16-21 in for some sagging?

    1. manniberlin


      have a good time in our city anyway.... sorry im too old for u....

    2. Colourboy


      I'm sorry about the age restriction, it's just -with all due respect, I don't like older. ;)

      But thanks anyway! I love the city :)

    3. manniberlin


      no prob, ur too Young for me anyway..... hope u meet lots of other saggers here

  3. Turned 19 :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dutchbboy


      Happy bday, gefeliciteerddddd! :)

    3. manniberlin


      stay that young.... :)

    4. Colourboy


      Thank you all! :D

      Dutchbboy, thank you in special! ^_^ xx

  4. Colourboy

    What Colour Are Your Eyes?

    I have hazeleyes A little yellowish with blue lines when you look very well
  5. Colourboy


    Omg, if I could only do him once, I would be so happy.
  6. Colourboy

    hot boy

    My goodness...
  7. Colourboy

    cock and info about yourself

    Cut or uncut. I'm uncut how old are you I'm 18 years old (or young, you choose! ) when did you first masterbate. About 10, I think. is there anybody that you would F**** but are scared to. Lots of people, there are damn nice asses out here in the Netherlands. any fetishes Not that I know of.
  8. One boy on my mind, going to see him on Wednesday, he's the dream, hope I'm the same to him.

  9. Hey dude, got pics online, think you'll like them.

  10. Weird, uploading pics is not possible in Firefox Aurora, but is in IE10.

    1. flameboard


      This is due to Aurora being a Pre-Beta testing web platform and therefore not all features are compatible yet.

  11. Why can't I make a new album to upload pics in?

  12. Colourboy


    My general advise about medicines, painkillers et cetera is: don't use them if you don't have to. If your p***s doesn't function normally, then yes, you could take them. If it does what it is supposed to do, I would strongly discourage the use of it.

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