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About HotAussieSagger

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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 01/21/1993

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    Adelaide, Australia
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    I'm a bi aussie and love to sag and see other saggers. I have a youtube and Sagging Low account :)
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    Clubbing, sagging, tennis, fitness, food and fun ;)
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    Bar tender
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  1. Hey HotAussie ;)

    what about a New Hot Vid? Maybe a New Album soon? 

    Half a year since your last pics :(

  2. New video up :)

    1. Miguel


      Sagging and shaking ;)

    2. Colourboy


      Oh. My. God. So hot.

  3. Definitely!
  4. Haha this is me! Glad you like it guys
  5. My channel name is tmfgr
  6. I do as my latest YouTube video shows
  7. New vid on YouTube and saggerworld tv soon ;)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HotAussieSagger
    3. dirrtydogg


      can you put up the links on here mate? xx

    4. BryanBlizzyOconnor


      Loved your humping videos....

  8. I'm uncut I'm 18, almost 19 I was 8 (but it was humping my pillow ) I would never be scared to F**** anyone Fetishes are sagging my self and other saggers
  9. mine are bright green
  10. I joined because i loved sagging and when i saw this site i wanted to post pictures to see if other guys like my sags and i also wanted pics to jerk off to
  11. i like the biebs better, he sags more like my style
  12. i might be making more videos and im glad you all like my pics and vids guys i have some on xtube as well as youtube