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    I think all of us familiar with this expensive brand, I was wondering anyone who has experience with their underwear, whether they worth their price or anything else.
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    Hi guys, i had found some videos on youtube about people showing his outfits and they are saggers. I hope you enjoy it. If you like it leave in the comments and i will upload more. First video: Second video:
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    My ex boyfriend used to have some EA undies and they were very comfy and such and I was wondering if with time they still would be like that
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    eBay are advertising 3x multipacks for £12.99. I suppose given it's designer, probably worth the price and you get 3 pairs I'm thinking about ordering a box myself.
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    A thing about me going back to wearing boxershorts is: I actually like the boxerbriefs holding my stuff in place while I exercise. Don't know if I'd miss this with the freedom of boxers.
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    Definitely a boxer shorts guy here, since I was 8! I do own like three pairs of boxer briefs, but honestly, I hate them, not enough freedom, not enough cool designs. I wore them for about a week before going back to boxers, I love the looseness and look of boxer shorts.
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    It's SNOWMAGEDDON. I sound well posh! Lol. No transport means i'm stranded at home. Watch this space for the snow swag 😁❄️⛄️ Full concentration on the shot 😉 EDIT: I exchanged one of the vids for another and then my embedded links went awry. It's difficult to get them aligned properly.
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    Looking for others who like sneakers. Hit me up or give me your Skype.
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    This statement is true

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