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  1. Had a panic attack and autistic meltdown late last night. Definitely not a pleasant experience and everything still feels on edge 8 hours later. Mental health is so important everyone: look after yours and look out for your friends.

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    2. Astg94


      Didn’t know you were diagnosed with autism… it’s rare to see that here on SW or elsewhere. Feel better soon. I kinda did have a meltdown like you last year when I first heard that my mom took my devices away. Thankfully it’s back to normal atm.

    3. animorphus


      @Astg94Yeah diagnosed age 11 so a long time ago. Autistic meltdowns are horrible. It’s like I am a volcano and I just explode with every thought, feeling and emotion coming to the forefront of my head all at once. It makes me lose control and become incredibly destructive. That’s my experience anyway, it’s different for each autistic individual.

    4. ElCarnicero


      @Astg94 Are you also autistic?

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