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  1. I'm from slovenia :) vidim da si obupano iskal slovence tu hah

  2. im thinking about being more active on here..

  3. hornyaxl

    The Saggers Survey

    Age: 17 Gay Straight or Bi: bi (preffer guys) Race: caucasian Hometown: maribor slovenia Grade: finishing second year Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: boxerbriefs What brand do you wear: whatever i buy Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: no but id like to try What do you wear to swim: swim trunks,sometimes over boxerbriefs Do you ever freeball? nah What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): mostly above ankle,depends tho on what im wearing Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": somewhere between slim and average Do you have any body hair: lots Do you have any facial hair: only when too lazy to shave Do you have any of your body or facial hair: upper questions Do you trim or shave your pubes: sometimes Below the Belt When was the last time you had a boner: moments ago Do you have one now: yes Do you masterbate: lol ofcourse When: when im horny and get privacy Where: in my bed or in bathroom How: plain and simple,layin on my bed and beating of,nothing special What is you favorite way to jerk off: again,upper question What do you wear to jerk off: either nothing or boxerbriefs How do you clean up: usually tissue Have you every masterbated analy: rarely Fun with Boys or Girls Have you ever jerked in front of another boy: no If not would you: probably not,i can imagine it would be too awkward..for me atleast Have you ever jerked in front of a girl: no If not would you: no Have you ever masterbated another boy: many times If not would you: Have you ever fingered a girl: yes i have If not would you: Have you ever had oral sex with a boy:also many times Did you give or recive: both,tho i preffer giving If not would you: Have you ever had oral sex with a girl: yes Did you give or recive: give,also my prefference If not would you: (If you answer yes to any of these next questions go on to the next part) Have you ever had sex with another boy: many times Were you top or bottom: both,but i preffer bottoming Did you enjoy it: **** yes If not would you: Have you ever had sex with a girl: nope Did you enjoy it: If not would you:i would yes Sex, Sex, and more Sex What is your favorite postion: nothing in particular as long as they change and it stays interesting Do you use protection: mostly yes What kind: condom What is you favorite kind or condom: no prefference Have you ever had anal with a girl: nope If no would you: idk probably Where have you had sex (mark with an x) Your bed: [x] Your parents bed: [x] Your lovers bed: [x] The bath: [] The Shower: [x] The floor: [] The Couch: [x] Outside: [] In a hot tub or pool: [] Where did you lose you virginity: my bed Have you ever had sex in public: nope Would you: not sure.. When was the last time you had sex: dont remember *cries desperately* few months ago Did you cum: yes Did they cum: i make sure they do And last but not least Did this Survey make you horny: a bit yeah
  4. hornyaxl


    will there be a mobile version of the site?
  5. hornyaxl

    What Colour Are Your Eyes?

    fluerescent neon green here. jk,im in the brown group
  6. hornyaxl

    What are you wearing right now?

    Im wearing a black tank top,pink boxer briefs,black jeans and socks. Im sagging my jeans bellow as and ****. im looking forward reading you'r responses
  7. hornyaxl

    Bath Time

    not just u..that does sound hot!! id love to join u
  8. someone please message meeeee,bored as hell

    1. Fetish4Breifs


      Wanna chat on Skype?

      Fetish4Breifs is my username.

    2. hornyaxl


      dont have skype,sorry

  9. hornyaxl

    are you cut on uncut?

    15 y/o. cut wish i was uncut tho
  10. why arent there any guys from slovenia on here?? :((

    1. shortydude


      there arent any where i live either. Im sure with all this thirsty dudes on here you can find someone.

    2. hornyaxl


      no one...in the whole country where i live..no one.... tnx tho :)

    3. shortydude


      well you have all the US boys wanting your ass :)

  11. hornyaxl


    virgin "-.-

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