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  1. 🐕 Spaghetti or lasagna?
  2. Ooo tough one. Gonna have to go with candy. Masturbating in the shower or on your bed?
  3. Someone write a 18+ story! I've read them all a million times over. Need something new to 'read'.

  4. New story I posted! Let me know what you all think. Brandon and Rusty get lucky!

  5. Up for some PDX sagging??

    1. Reedy44


      You live here?

    2. Cutesaggerboi


      I'm back visiting friends and family for a few months

    3. Cutesaggerboi


      Message me on Kik : cutesaggerboi if you wanna hang.



  6. Sagging on national television, check.
  7. Just posted a new story to the 18+ sextion. Let me know what you all think?

  8. Thinking about writing another story, any unique ideas?

    Also hit me up on snapchat or kik!

  9. They are all wrestlers. Look at the shoes and the mats they're on.
  10. Looking for some active Snapchatters! Add me at RilesMitch

  11. Just ordered my Sly mystery pack. Excited? I think so!

    1. flameboard


      Let us know what u get and look forward to seeing :)

  12. Wanting to write a new story but need some inspiration. Let me know if you have any. I would like to keep adding onto my storyline, which if you haven't read please do: )

    1. TheOther1


      Use more paragraphs so its easier to read! ;)

    2. Reedy44


      Well thank you! I thought I was using to many paragraphs lol

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