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  1. Hey awesome fans! For a while i had paid videos but I felt that wasn't ''right'' to you guys. So now I offer the option to simply DONATE some money to me so I can continue making messy videos and buy the stuff needed! It does get expensive after you've done it so often! Join me on https://www.patreon.com/princeniels and donate money to receive access to exclusive (naughty) content.

  2. Laying on bed, then releasing it on my abs and chest or on my bf.
  3. Feel free to follow my instagram for (almost) a daily picture  of me in the gym/sagging/or out in the world.

    Instagram: princenielss



  4. If you put your mind to it anything is possible. You don't need anyone but yourself Sign up at a gym, find some basic routine workout schedule on the internet and use it for a couple of months. Don't worry too much about nutrition yet. If you are on the hefty side, cut some carbs if you are skinny and want to gain some muscles then increase your carbs intake. Working out is simple, but not easy ^^
  5. Age of consent is 18 years old. That is decided by the society. BIOLOGICALLY speaking it is more like 16 years old. This is when your body becomes sexually active and wants to be sexually pleased. Older men with younger men is a preference. Just like black with white men or young with young men. Remember, nobody is forcing the young man to be with an older man. Who are we to decide if it is ''allowed'' or ''tasteful'' I wonder? I always believe in the principle of minding your own business and when be thankful we live in a society where many different tastes are
  6. USA Skinny jeans or baggies?
  7. Santa baby Rudolph or Frosty the snowman?
  8. Plastic of course ^^ Glasses or contacts?
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