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  1. Drainpipes

    wrestiling 173

    Perm haircut.
  2. Drainpipes

    more cute boys from the web

    Love the hair on the guy on the right.
  3. Drainpipes

    Cute Guys and Hotness

  4. Drainpipes


    He should have worn a jock strap with his box or cup as known.
  5. Drainpipes


    Love this.
  6. Drainpipes

    Hot visible jockstrap

    You can see his jock strap.
  7. Drainpipes

    Awkward Boner Hottie

    Wearing a box.
  8. Drainpipes


    I don't like briefs. I only wear boxer briefs. I love compression shorts though. Briefs seem to tight and not long enough. Iam not into saggers who are clearing wearing briefs or loose fit cotton boxer's.
  9. Drainpipes

    I hate myself

    How can you? I wish I was has slim as you.
  10. Drainpipes


    Red Hot Boy.
  11. Drainpipes


    Surfing my sport.

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