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  1. I’ve been on and off for awhile. But now, I am back and better than  ever with two new albums. Follow me on instagram at: pantslow.

  2. Hey Saggers,

    Im looking to buy some underwear or trade. Anyone have some?

  3. Hey Saggers! Haven't been on in so long. Hope to be more active and get some pics maybe even videos up soon! ;)

  4. Haven't been active in a while. Glad to be back on with all you sexy saggers.

  5. Another Day of sagging low and another day my pants fall down in Walmart. This time a group of saggers saw me (let me say how happy I am to live in a city with a lot of saggers) saw me and we got into an intense conversation about underwear and sagging. Today was a pretty good day!

    1. canttell


      Nice! What did you talk about in that conversation?

    2. FL386fun


      That is the best fun, ever. Having your sag drop, accidentally while other saggers are there. Why did you end the story so fast?

  6. Sagging very low today and my pants "accidentally" fall down exposing my underwear. Did I pull up my pants hell no I hope people saw my underwear as I walked around basically in my underwear. LOL

  7. Sagging very very low today. With my blue boxers. Pics coming soon!

    1. flameboard


      Very Very low hey :P What scale is that then for you? haha


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