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  1. Wishing a long week-end and a happy Easter to all the saggers on this site 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Enjoy your holiday!!

    2. Lee249


      Same to you buddy 👍

  2. Happy Saint-Patrick week-end, Hope u all gonna sagging in green boxers 

  3. When and where is gonna be the # saggerparty2024? Just so curious to know pretty sure u gonna have a great time with lots of saggers and pictures lol 

    1. jace


      Kicks off May 31.  It gonna be good,  over full house of hotties lined up for this year

  4. Once again, yesterday, I saw a black guy walking with his two other black friends, sagging in the middle of the ass showing black boxers and he were wearing all in black lol 

  5. Wishing for the all the saggers on this site, happy holidays 2023 keep sagging 24 7

    1. Lee249


      Same to you my friend x 

    2. Mudmike


      Merci man pour tes vœux souhaitez à nous tous!
      Mes meilleurs vœux de Noël!!!

      Thank you man for your wishes to all of us!

      Happy Holidays!!!🥳

  6. Omg must share with you. Today I went to a random shopping center to finish my Xmas shopping 🛍 I saw three saggers two are working at the food store and one was seat beside me so I can see blue boxers 😅 

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    2. Emohotboy


      Hey u did not check your dm ? I answer u over there 

    3. Mudmike


      On Facebook, I haven't seen anything from a 33-year-old man in a sagger who matches your name?☹️

    4. Mudmike


      Hard to find and talk to the real guy.

  7. Hi if u have any questions to me, do not hesitate to dm me, gonna try to answer it asap

  8. Do not forget to check your e-mail box cause send u two messages, waiting for your reply please 

  9. Omg I must share with u. On this rainy day I saw a sagger loosing his pants while crossing the street and I saw black boxers. The sagger was so cute 

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    2. jonquestor


      How far his pants fall before he caught them?

    3. Emohotboy


      Until mid legs 

    4. jonquestor


      That’s great. 

  10. Hey 👋 Lee249 I'm am just so curious what do you do or eat to be always so horny? 

    Also no idea why I can not send u private messages?

    Take care 🙂 

    1. Lee249


      Hi @Emohotboy thank you for your post👌

      I'm not always horny. I simply get turned on by other saggers 😉

      My inbox is full. Too busy to sort it out unfortunately.

      All the best, Lee 



  11. Hi 👋 Lee I just saw that u are horny 😜 I was wonder if you know Hung Brit Lads on p*rn hub? They make me feel so horny as well 

    1. Lee249


      Thanks fella 👍I am familiar with it.

  12. Wishing a happy father's day. Don't forget to sagg daily 

  13. Happy mothers day 💓 

  14. Omg yes I am so happy cause a bunch of students look at my sagging while waiting for the city bus 🚌 

    1. ElCarnicero


      How do you know they were checking out your sag?

  15. Wishing a happy holidays to all the saggers on this site. Keep sagging low 

  16. Omg I just saw a really hot sagger in the public bus 🚌 he was wearing all black even the boxers and he was with his girlfriend 

    Also I hate homeless people asking for change or for a cigarette it's happen to me everyday 

  17. Guys omg today at the skatepark I saw skater with compression shorts and shirtless. He was so hot 🔥 

  18. Omg such a really nice smooth skinny hairless body showing your really nice sagging under your ass 

  19. Seriously would like so badly to compare the sags with you also with that hot body 👌 😍 

  20. I saw lots of cute boys and draggueens in town cause of the pride week. Happy pride mtl 

  21. Today I saw a Coca-Cola dude sagging when he bend over at the grocery store. It was amazing 

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    2. Emohotboy


      Yes it was a delivery man also he was so young I would say mid 22 yo 

    3. wxsaggerNick
    4. Lee249


      @TheOther1I'll be your coca cola dude 😂

      Sounds HOT I like it when guys bend over. 

  22. Downtown in my city there is a church called Lighthouse, like the same name of the Bars and Melody CD. First I was thinking they both live there lol 

    1. ElCarnicero
    2. Emohotboy


      Look on YouTube they win British got talent bars and melody leondre 

  23. hey how are u? I just found your profile, u have such a nice body 

  24. Omg seriously such a really nice huge sagging under your ass 😉 

  25. Last week-end, I went to the metro metro festival and it was lots of hot saggers. I really enjoy it

    1. ElCarnicero


      What's the "Metro Metro" festival?

    2. Emohotboy


      I gonna explain as best I can it's a festival with lots of shows on the stage u can also check ✔ on Google 

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