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  1. Exactly the whole clothes is so smooth with the underwear too
  2. Exactly 💯 so neat showing little bit of boxers
  3. The boy have such a really nice smooth skinny hairless body with white boxers
  4. Wish I can taste your cum and suck your magnum all way till the last drop
  5. Seems interesting, so neat, showing white boxers
  6. Specially if u have wild s** under the water all naked
  7. Totally agree with all the comments Wear an xl t-shirt or ask for an xl school uniform
  8. Neat outfit showing Adidas shoes and CK boxers
  9. Exactly lots of black chilling in the middle of the street with a really nice sagging and boxers
  10. Such a ****** sagging below ass 😒
  11. To be honest with u yes I already swallowed it was long time ago
  12. Love the sperm inside my mouth, I can swallow
  13. Hey 👋 Lee249 I'm am just so curious what do you do or eat to be always so horny? 

    Also no idea why I can not send u private messages?

    Take care 🙂 

    1. Lee249


      Hi @Emohotboy thank you for your post👌

      I'm not always horny. I simply get turned on by other saggers 😉

      My inbox is full. Too busy to sort it out unfortunately.

      All the best, Lee 



  14. Specially he have a really nice smooth skinny hairless body with some tattoo
  15. Little bit of sunny day with clouds. We are so far away from the fire forest
  16. Indeed the white boxers 👌 😍
  17. That's so hot 🔥 🥵 he really need a body massage
  18. Yes this style look great on u
  19. Totally neat. Just need to find that laundry place and this boy
  20. I get horny when I can see blue 💙 or white boxers out of the pants specially students waiting for the city bus 🚌
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