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  1. Lucky you have a sagging in your face hope the boxers are clean 👌 👍
  2. I don't feel like dancing by scissor sister
  3. Would like so badly to suck u until you cum inside my mouth 👄
  4. Doesn't feel like autumn during the day but so cold at night below 0 😱
  5. The people who smoke weed as I wait for the city bus 🚌 is better for me smell the weed and the vape then smoke as the wind blows it to my clothes and face ☠
  6. I guess your mates sagging so low as you do while wapping
  7. Hey 👋 seriously would like so badly to meet you and to chat with you. Me too I am single so hit me up
  8. Omg yes specially if I see a really hot sagger on the street or in the skatepark
  9. Omg I just saw a really hot sagger in the public bus 🚌 he was wearing all black even the boxers and he was with his girlfriend 

    Also I hate homeless people asking for change or for a cigarette it's happen to me everyday 

  10. Yes it is so difficult as a start, for example, for me when I see a sagger on the street I just say nice sagging but every time, they just do not reply at me and pull up the pants Also every time there is poor persons who ask me change, everytime at the bus stop, they look so ugly with a long beard
  11. Omg so nice bro, would like so badly to give u a hot body massage and put some oil on your hot body
  12. Try to imagine after the work, under the shower, all sweaty, soaping each other body
  13. Exactly swimming kissing 💋 having wild sex with you in the beach ⛱
  14. Too bad you are so far away from me if you were in the same city would like to rent a room for a night and do a sagger party 🥳 with all the saggers shirtless and hairless
  15. Guys omg today at the skatepark I saw skater with compression shorts and shirtless. He was so hot 🔥 

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    2. AustinSole813


      Mmmm hope he was sweaty in his shoes and that spandex mmmm

    3. SaggersRhot


      Can we see the pic 

    4. Filthysagger


      Ys bro plz show us da pic

  16. I am mostly versatile top so we can just cuddle 😘 and kiss 💋
  17. Would like to saggerpunk work your throat out in the woods 🪵 and to f*** u really hard in a doggystyle all night long
  18. Omg such a really nice smooth skinny hairless body showing your really nice sagging under your ass 

  19. Nice to meet u really appreciated that u send me some pics of your hot sagging 

    1. thhlua123


      Of course man! Tell me if u want more would send again gladly;)

  20. Omg yes please send me your nice sagging under your ass 😉 so I can enjoy 

  21. Seriously would like so badly to compare the sags with you also with that hot body 👌 😍 

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