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  1. I never knew that It's popular among K-Pop artists! that's dope! very hot pictures!
  2. Wow! with basketball shorts! HOT!!
  3. My friend, russian, made another jerkin dance video while sagging with boxer shorts mixed with skinny jeans, goes pretty low and it can be seen from different angles! I must say that I'm still surprised that sagging is also heard in Russia!
  4. Bruno Mars - Treasure lol, gives some good vibes
  5. Looking for pictures of High tops saggers, sort of like the following video:


  6. That was hot as hell! would be happier if he would sag with baggy ones though!
  7. Looking for pictures of High tops saggers, sort of like the following video:


  8. Love it too, the lower the better that's for sure! any chance you both have a site or pictures of people sag with high tops?
  9. Hmmm that sounds interesting but for some reason I feel that I won't be comfortable with it, might give it a try though
  10. Came across this video lately, don't see too much of high tops sagging so I thought I'd share this, also if anyone can link me a topic or share some pictures of high tops sagging I'd be more than pleased to watch
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