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  1. ocemi77

    The Janoskians

    funny how the caption on this one was "working hard" when his whole **** is out haha
  2. ocemi77

    Famousleeko on twitter

    https://twitter.com/famousleeko/status/1207161196715159552 😋
  3. ocemi77

    Zach Clayton

  4. ocemi77

    Zach Clayton

    10:08 11:54 5:43
  5. ocemi77

    Davine Jay

  6. ocemi77

    Davine Jay

    He's a youtuber, I found nice sagging shots in two of his videos : 1:13 , throughout and starting at 9:10 'til the end (his belt is not attached)
  7. ocemi77

    Zach Clayton

    his butt is so big lol
  8. ocemi77

    Zach Clayton

    The fact that He acknowledges His butt is showing but He doesn't even pull up his pants a little bit after that makes the situation 10 times hotter
  9. A couple of nice shots of these guys sagging in this mv, especially the man with the blue shirt : 0;29 ; 0:50 ; 1:14 ; 1:25 ; 2:13 ; 2:22 ; 2:33 ; 2:40 ; 2:57 ; 3:00 ; 3:35 ;
  10. ocemi77

    Hot sagger on twitter (Lil Steph)

    I have no idea lol, it's just a video that went kinda viral on Twitter, the only video on his account by the way
  11. ocemi77

    Zach Clayton

  12. He's basically sagging the whole video but it's getting really hot at 9:44 until 10:30 and then 13:30 😛
  13. ocemi77

    BullS*** TV

    Starting at :1:08 and then 1:58 !
  14. ocemi77

    Dre P.

    I don't know if He already has a topic, I don't think He does, but He's hot ! and He's a rapper : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi2AJF2Mhw0 throughout 0:26 'til 1:10 below ass and some pictures :

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