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  1. christiannessange

    Zach Clayton

    10:25 - "Don't record right now: my butt's out"
  2. christiannessange

    Hot sagger on twitter (Lil Steph)

  3. christiannessange


    average sag (to me) but veeery cute
  4. christiannessange

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    You're too hot
  5. Hey, I can't send you messages :(

  6. christiannessange

    SexySaggerYo Videos

    oh F****… this is so good!
  7. hey, do u still live in barcelona? :)

  8. christiannessange

    High sagger

    Starting at 2:40!
  9. christiannessange

    Butt Sniffing

    Yours, then? Are you a contortionist?
  10. christiannessange

    Flameboard's lost twin

    Flameboard is cuter.
  11. christiannessange

    I'm Getting Too Fat (again)

    Hey! I'm not an expert or anything, but I like to keep myself thin and maybe I can give you some useful advice (hopefully). 1) Do not go on a diet, but, rather, adopt a new lifestyle. Losing weigh and not gaining it back may require a long process and it is better if we do it in a gradual and pleasurable way. 2) Muscle is heavier than fat. Then, it is possible to gain weigh while doing sport, because one gains muscle and burns fat. 3) Extenuating exercices like running may boost your metabolism; but, by doing so, you risk being hungrier and eating more even withour realising. 4) Excercise burns calories, but nothing burns more calories that basal metabolism (aprox. 1500 calories without doing anything); so if you see that excercising heavily is making you eat more, walk instead. Walking, besides -for reasons that I have now forgotten- burns more fat than running. 5) Try and eat foods that are low in caloric density (that have few calories and are large; like some fruits and most vegetables). You will be eating less calories without feelings of deprivation. 6) It is harder to lose weigh if you are coupling carbs and far: it is better if you eat a rather low carb diet or a rather low fat diet. You decide. 7) I know many dieticians do not recommend skipping meals, but having a light breakfast OR dinner (one or the other, depending on your needs) may help. 8) Sometimes, we forget some things like alcohol have calories (and alcohol has plenty) 9) Eat things you enjoy. Do sports/activities you find pleasurable. 10) Relax: this is more about overall diet, fitness and lifestyle than a rigid routine. It's ok if you eat pizza or ince cream from time to time. It may even be positive to keep at bay the cravings. Sorry if I wrote this poorly. I'm tired and English is not my mother tongue. Good luck! :B
  12. christiannessange

    District 3

    https://twitter.com/luke_franks I guess he seems more handsome in the video..

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