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  1. Hey! I uploaded a new album and changed my profile and cover pics. Hope you'll like the sags ;)

  2. 10:25 - "Don't record right now: my butt's out"
  3. average sag (to me) but veeery cute
  4. hey, do u still live in barcelona? :)

  5. Yours, then? Are you a contortionist?
  6. hot pics man

    1. christiannessange


      haha look who's talking!


  7. Hey! I'm not an expert or anything, but I like to keep myself thin and maybe I can give you some useful advice (hopefully). 1) Do not go on a diet, but, rather, adopt a new lifestyle. Losing weigh and not gaining it back may require a long process and it is better if we do it in a gradual and pleasurable way. 2) Muscle is heavier than fat. Then, it is possible to gain weigh while doing sport, because one gains muscle and burns fat. 3) Extenuating exercices like running may boost your metabolism; but, by doing so, you risk being hungrier and eating more even withour realising. 4) Excercise b
  8. https://twitter.com/luke_franks I guess he seems more handsome in the video..
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