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Status Updates posted by shortydude

  1. How long do you have before your account is deleted do to inactivity? Or is it just abandoned? 

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    2. Denimsag


      I had two old accounts. I deleted one and now the posts that are still on here say "Guest" before the user name. i.e. if my name was fred bloggs it says "Guest Fred Bloggs" and it's not on the members list.

      The second account is still there but marked inactive as you have seen elsewhere as I did not delete this account, (I forgot the password). You probably see both names every time you visit the site.

    3. Astg94


      Yes, I noticed in introduction topic, there was some guests with random username… I was assuming either deleted or banned. Now I’m getting the idea of the differences between being down as guest and/or inactive account.

    4. TheOther1


      Guest typically means the account was deleted. If you're banned it still shows the username...but we don't typically ban people anyway. 

  2. Deleted recent uploads and probably won’t be sharing here anymore. 

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    2. shortydude


      It isn’t really about popularity it’s about being accepted by others.  The low view count signaled to me nobody valued them.  Thanks for the message and understanding. 

    3. Lee249


      @shortydudeI get that. It's like clarification for the effort you put into it. I feel like that sometimes myself. I don't think it's anything personal at all. It's easy to read into things. Please don't get down on yourself mate. We're all behind you oozing you on 👍 best wishes, Lee 

    4. shortydude


      Exactly you understand what I’m trying to say.  Thanks for the encouragement. 

  3. No more pics here 

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    2. shortydude


      All the photos on the site were blank white squares .  

    3. Lee249


      The solution is to upload pics then 👍

    4. shortydude


      The problem was resolved 😀

  4. I did something today I haven’t done in months.  I finally took some sagging pics for fb and instagram.  I thought I’d share them here with you even if they aren’t the best. 

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    2. jace


      share here

    3. shortydude


      I posted them they may be approved yet . 

    4. CJS90


      amazing pics :)

  5. I think I can finally say I’ve given up hope of ever being a grade sagger especially on this site . 

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    2. flameboard


      @Lee249 if you look, yours is on the header also....

    3. flameboard


      Have highlighted both of you in the header on this image to show you:

      Header July 2020 - Shorty and Lee.jpg

    4. shortydude


      I see it now .  I only get to see half of the header on my phone . 

  6. Any other sagger rejects out there ? 

  7. I’m slowly loosing interest and it may close to the end. 

  8. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? It is taking forever to delete just one photo. 

    1. flameboard


      On each photo you can select the tickbox at the top right and select all that way, if not if its the entire album you can delete the album which deletes the photos.

  9. My instagram was disabled last night.  I’m  not having a good day maybe it’s time to hang it all up. 

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    2. shortydude


      I was meaning the social media part of it not sagging in general. 

  10. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? 

  11. Spending the day deIeting pics 

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    2. shortydude


      What do you mean by wtf? 

    3. Lee249


      Why delete pics? Is what i meant by that dude. 

    4. shortydude


      Oh they were really old pics and not very good ones . 

  12. Just as I thought 💭 

  13. I wish I could change my display name on my profile. 

    1. jace


      What you want to change to? 

    2. shortydude


      My ig name 

    3. jace


      wats that?

  14. What is the purpose  of the community reputation? 

    1. ehrenmann


      I think it says how active you are in the community. As I posted content, my reputation went up, but as I had do to a little break, my reputation went down. Now, as I post again, my reputation goes up, again.

  15. What am I doing wrong?  Why doesn’t anybody wanna talk to me? 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Hi. It's not you. I have the same problem. I'll be happy to talk with you

    2. shortydude


      Thanks it’s nice to know it’s just not me.  Hello there. 

    3. SaggerMarine


      You can talk or text me if you want. I was think to ask what do you think about helping me organize a baggy pants sagger party for us older dudes. Everyone is into these young pups in skinny jeans. U have my kik if u want my number. Bobbigolow 

  16. Time to thin out the albums and delete the dead weight. 

  17. Is anyone out there? 

    1. secsagger999


      I'm here, message me anytime

    2. Lee249


      Always about. Had to clear my inbox out. I'm Backkk 😁

  18. Just stop by to say hello and I enjoyed chatting with you today. 

  19. I give up trying 

    1. shortydude


      Thanks.  Tomsplz wasn’t related to sagging at all ,  just something with friends.  


  20. Anyone got some sagging tips for better results? 

    1. manniberlin


      Do them outside

  21. Nice profile pic.   I've got those same boxers 

  22. This sure can be a lonely site. 

  23. What kind of boxers are those in your profile pic? 

  24. Are there any other saggers in Ohio that would like to get together and possibly chill? 

    1. Ohio216sagger


      sup yo I'm in the cleveland area

    2. shortydude


      Mansfield here bro. 

    3. secsagger999


      I'm in the zanesville area

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