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  1. tabatha94

    So sexy

    2:38 onwards mmmm so hot
  2. tabatha94

    Need help dealing with being gay

    What you need to really take a second to truly think about is whether or not you value your parents happiness or do you value your own. Things like this are always going to be tricky and hard and there is no real win win situation and so I would say to try things out. Go on a few dates but just don't tell your parents. You need to see what it feels like to truly live freely as yourself and enjoy life to its fullest and that would be with a man. Your parents cannot deny you that right to be happy and to be you and even though you may have to temporarily sacrifice their happiness, in the long run (and for me it was a very long while) they will come around and accept you for who you are. The best thing a parent can do for their children is to truly teach them how to live on their own. Knowing that you have the support from everyone here will hopefully allow you to feel comfortable and confident in who you really are! There really is no shame in coming out and there's no reason you should hide your feelings. Be who you are and love yourself because you deserve it!
  3. tabatha94

    Where can I get this?

    That's from h&m last season. They had a black one the season before also! This season they only have a version in white. its called Mesh T-Shirt on their website! But im sure they'll come out with it again in black soon
  4. tabatha94

    Jordan Castle

    damn he's perfect!
  5. tabatha94

    Pants With No Hands Challenge!

    I can't wait Liwanago!
  6. Recently I have been noticing a lot of videos on Youtube of guys doing the Pants With No Hands Challenge. Basically the videos are of a guy standing there in his boxers or bbs as he struggles to put on a pair of pants without using his hands. Not only are some of the videos super funny but most people can't manage to get their pants above their round butts making for an amazingly super low sag at the end of their videos. It's so hot! Here are some of my favorites: http://youtu.be/Fhi_a5dZ9jM - the second guy who does it is so ***** sexy @ 1:40 http://youtu.be/Fk8mPx_nIR4 - hot American eagle jeans http://youtu.be/IhYxepEuKss - bright American Eagle boxer briefs
  7. tabatha94

    ALS Challenge

    Justin bieber did two sexy af ones on his Instagram!
  8. tabatha94


    I usually make the belt buckle rest on the head of my dck and point it downwards!
  9. tabatha94

    Hat angles

    always 100% backwards. occasionally forwards if im going for that look but any other angle than 0 degrees or 180 degrees makes you look like a doucheee even if youre not haha
  10. tabatha94

    Nathan Sykes Watch

    now wheres my special picture ;p
  11. tabatha94

    Nathan Sykes Watch

    It is either the Nixon 51-30 Chrono or the Nixon 51-30 Tide. I can't really tell which one but the difference between them is the strap!
  12. tabatha94


    aqua di gio by Armani for sure -- smells so manly! mmm or calvin klein eternity is good too
  13. tabatha94

    How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Have?

    hahah agreed I easily have in the hundreds of every single type color style brand everything!!
  14. tabatha94

    Me Once Again

    holy crap I wish I worked there!
  15. tabatha94

    Hairstyle Advice

    the david beckham comb over .. duh!

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