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  1. I think the pics in ur album are awesome.

  2. dragonz

    This guy is a trip

    I thought he music was pretty cool especially as it reminded me of the8-bit tracks used in video games of the past
  3. Thanks babes! Where r u frm msg me plz we should chat ur propa fit!

  4. dragonz

    How tO find gay/ bi in area

    you in canada?? if so i also live in the durham region...
  5. dragonz

    What do you do for work?

    Going to school to become a pastry chef when i finish i am planning to get my red seal
  6. dragonz


    they pull it out wipe it dry then push the bar through your tongue...
  7. Cool! Well in ure next pics get one and wear them then :D Studded belts are awsome i agree! Well i look forward to seeing them already!!!!

  8. I prefer studded belts i just don't have to go shopping for one lol thanks for the compliments i may post more photos by the weekend

  9. HAHAHAHA well im not complaining! I like belts, especially white and brown large buckle ones on a sag! they look so hot lol, honestly though great pics!!!

  10. Truthfully I was planning on doing it beltless and forgot that the jeans had the belt in them lol :)

  11. Well mate! Thats what i wanted to see! Them pics are damn hot! Well done! Really just perfect in my eyes!! Only one thing i would of used a different belt but hey! Im not being picky lol

  12. Thanks man glad that you love them lol

  13. REALLY love your new images dude!!!

  14. i am glad that you liked it :D


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