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  1. iii

    Board Games

    I have been playing a large variety of board games this past year and I think my top three favourites now are: Strousberg, Vikings, and Power Grid Honourable mentions go to: Macao, Race for the Galaxy, and Castles of Burgandy
  2. I am watching nothing because my parents cut out almost every channel avalable so what we have left has only a few select good shows on which don't play on the weekends
  3. iii

    Argument About Sagging And Sexuality

    Getting off topic, but I will bite. I think Australia was considering banning sagging but not sure how the ruling went or if there was a ruling on it yet. Through my research, I noticed a lot of references to the black community on sagging. Major focuses were on how you were only "black" if you sagged really low for example so it became a fashion imbuned into culture. A lot of the photos used in anti-sagging campaigns feature unattractive figures in excessively large jeans sagged almost to the knees, if anything in a bad pose almost like they took the worst photos of sagging and decided to get people to connect with them in a negative way. There are schools in America where belts aren't allowed because people can use them as weapons, so their pants fall down, adding another dimension to the culture of sagging. You have this image in your ind now "bulky black guy" and "your children/reputation." It's taking the biggest chunk of saggers who probably learned about sagging as their way of living, and are now getting people to compare it to their own image which iI am going to say it, seems like a racist thing in trying to get people to distance themselves from a "black" look. If they used pictures of caucasians sagging a bit down the hips I don't think people would care as much. There wasn't even an attempt to get people to dress up better, it went straight to being illegal. What I find a little insulting is how they have charities for belt donations to give to peope who sag their pants. If I don't wear a belt, it;s not because I'm poor and want to look like a slob; I just like the feel and am willing to take the time to pull my pants up if necessary. I'll say it again, it's a fear tactic; presenting an "unideal" image and getting people to distance themselves from it (sadly it is mostly black people they are using for this.) There is also a lot of political endorsement against sagging for some reason. Apparently their is a proven corrolation between someone's sag and how their success in life is. I'll even use flameboard as an example, he is really successful and has accomplished a lot yet he sags which accoridng to the hysteria, he should be a dead-beat. Just as a general observation, the articles seemed quite biased. it always seemed to be written by people who hated sagging. Even some online discussions spent their entire time ranting about how sagging was bad (even a facebook group on this.) The best I found were a few people saying peope should wear what they want or that clothing shouldn't be a big concern to people. There have been some interviews I watched about why people sag and a lot of them are just a couple of minutes either spoken by professors or asking a small minority a couple of questions. There was someone organizing a summit encouraging kids to discuss why they sag, which I think if enough of these had been done along with objective documentaries, it might have amounted to something better. My last concern is how these are mostly addressed to children, kids 12-18 or so. So this is an age group filled with impressions and phases so of course a lot of responses may be that they sag because they have seen others do it or because it was how they were taught in addition to the people who just like it. I think if they talked to a lot of guys 25-30 who sag, the story would be completely different. If anything, the most common answer would be that they like the style/feel, or they tried it when younger and it stuck. (answers based on assumptions.) So in summary, it's just a promotional tactic to get people to distance themself with an "imperfect" lifestyle so people can dress for success. Admittedly I may be missing some points or information for the ban hate of sagging, but banning a fashion which at worst shows people your underwear (can be a problem if it's bad underwear I guess) doesn't make a lot of sense especially with the priority level it has acheived.
  4. iii

    Argument About Sagging And Sexuality

    I decided to look up some articles on sagging and have found some interesting results. In corrolation with many counties and states in the USA passing laws to ban sagging pants, people have been using fear tactics involving the idea that sagging means your a homosexual, which apparently is an effective means of getting guys to pull up their pants. There are people who think this is true which is really absurd, I don't understand the logic behind it. "I really like to sag because of how it feels" "Sagging now means your gay" "Guess I have to up my pants if I want to be seen as straight" A lot of people also refer to sagging as starting in prisons where gay inmates used it to show they were available. (the origin of sagging is still up for debate.) I think people read too much into what a cothing style says about someone. Some people just like how it looks/feels regardless of sexuality and I think the fear campaign is going too far.
  5. iii


    I have been considering a similar idea. I easily go days without getting horny now. Even when I was 12, I could get an erection once a day if I tried. I am not sure what the problem could be so I was thinking of asking a doctor why I might have a lack of sexual interest. I have considered it being a psychological issue where I want to avoid seuxual arousal from people I don't like and don't feel attracted to. I saw a show a few years ago where woman from other cuturals such as Islam are taught to only have sex once married, this causes some of them to have vaginas which are unable to open when they finally plan to consemate their marriage and they have to perform weeks of vaginal relaxation techniques to allow it to open again. I feel though that this doesn't explain why it hampers my ability to persue sexual satisfaction on my own time by myself when I enjoy what I am looking at. Another psychologial issue I have considered is concerning myself with depression/fear/anxiety which prevents myself from obtaining sexual desire. I don't find this to be suitable either as I really don't concern myself with problems often and if for example I am looking at an attractive sagger online, I only have one thing on my mind.... I eat healthy and try getting exercise so as far as I know I shouldn't be having problems. I could get an erection in class for no reason, now I have to plan time out of my day to engage in material just to get me aroused, sometimes it takes a while. So since the consensus here seems to be avoiding viagra or to use extreme caution, what suggestions would people have for my scenario?
  6. I'm going to start asking questions just to see some responses I can get. My first question will be: What is the best food to put you in the mood?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GcIt


      a huuge dish of pasta with tomatoes and cheese, or my grandmother's lasagne :D and yours?

    3. iii


      For me it wouldn't be the dish, it would really be the overall atmosphere that sells it.

    4. Sagonmyface


      Foods don't put me in the mood. Summer weather does.

  7. I'm going to start asking questions just to see some responses I can get. My first question will be:

  8. Spent my last night with the local LGBTQ group, will be too old soon as I FINALY TURN 19 ON SUNDAY!

  9. Had an awkward moment where my belt broke in a pair of size 36 jeans. Luckily I was sitting down and my friends were distracted so i managed to sleuth my way out of the house and get a new belt.

    1. Guest


      Haha funny story ! Good you didn't get caught :)

    2. Miguel


      Jajaja, i would like to see your face at that time!

  10. got a new pair of jeans,size 56. Be jealous

    1. CollegeGuy18


      dude i am! what size do you usually wear?

    2. iii


      it depends, I wear a 32 in public, but any size in private


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