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  1. How to search for a username?


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    2. Astg94


      So, yeah… the only way I can think of is that, either find it from forums, gallery photos, or like what I did, I typed @ whoever the person/username is, like I did to Elcarnicero, you’ll see the list of username beginning with the letter. That’s all I can do to help.

    3. TheOther1
    4. Astg94


      Ahhhh!! Thanks @TheOther1… I’ve been trying to find username/members via search last year/ prior to your help… but I didn’t care, cause of my screenshots. But as you pointed out where it is, I was like oh duh, never thought to click more options… and boom, members is on the bottom.

      My suggestion, I’d move Members on the top, so those who were looking for it doesn’t have to worry about missing it. Here’s my example suggestion:

      Search in after more options:

      • Everywhere
      • Members
      • Status Updates
      • Topics
      • Images
      • Albums
      • Events

      Whilst, the more options should hide Topics to Events… being when you start searching, Everywhere, Members, Status Updates should be visible, then More Options.

      Search in before more options:

      • Everywhere
      • Members
      • Status Updates
      • More Options…
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