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  1. Hit me up on Skype!

  2. got some new pictures on!

    1. Miguel


      waiting for them!

    2. CosmoBoy


      great pics dude !

  3. Your new album is GREAT! :)

  4. Dude, your pics are extremely hot! I really enjoyed :D

  5. Tha nk u for the comments, and I really love your newest album:drool:

  6. Very hot new pics!

  7. you have some HOT pictures. so hot

  8. thx, but looks liek u got me beat :P

  9. Going to have to say the same about you :P

  10. I was house sitting for a family and I went over into their sons room (who is the same age as me) put on some of his boxers and jacked off on his bed, did this almost every day for two weeks it was amazing!
  11. i have seen the ones on here. I just want to see more.... :)

  12. Ha :P Few pics on here, probably a few more lying around on the cam possibly :)

  13. i love your avatar so much!!

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