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    We do. We care about him. His health.. His mental state....all that. He was brought up into the entertainment industry at a very young age which isn't really normal. And to.make matters even more creepy most of the people who run the industry are legit pedophiles anyways. He didn't live a normal and proper teenager life so he is unsure I am guessing. So now that the boy is supposedly getting married , he is getting everything off his chest to his new lady friend. He still a drama queen tho.
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    One of my self made sideless
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    I love the sideless shirts, I only have a couple of them. I need more, they’re some of my favorite tanks. Anyone know where I can get more? Other than eBay or amazon?
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    God, in love with my sagger selfie stick... The arm gets a rest (not having to proper stretch it out) lol. The angles you can achieve are amazing.
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    Watch out for this dude in the toy shop 😛
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    Deffo losing them in public... But I'm easy either way hehe Sagging On The Bus Or Train?
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    I’d love if someone could do this for me now.
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    Loving this weather we are having! Rather alot of topless guys with their shorts hanging rather low.... not going to complain about the weather at all haha!
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    Japanese guy talking about sagging: Same guy acting as Justin Bieber: ...and popping bubble wrap (sag visible from 1:48 on):
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    Skinny jeans and American Eagle compression shorts
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    circle jerks get me worked. with a bunch of hott saggers even better
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    Sagged in boxers today as you can see, rips are well below knees in the last pic lol. I used 'going to get milk' as a simple excuse to sag with my boxers showing off in Tesco. If only i had someone with me to capture the moment
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    If you intentionally bait people into arguing with you, they aren't "haters."
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    I’m always sagging when I have clothes on. I just prefer to relax naked
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    Had fun wetting my pants and then went to a local library and cafe. No comments from anybody, perhaps some looks, althouhg it is quite obvious what I had done.
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    I like to be nude at home. especially with this hot weather. Now I can even walk nude in the garden!! Because the neighbours closed the shutters for the sun, hahaha.
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    Have u have played pool (the game) with friends while sagging? I’d really like that lol swimming in the pool while sagging with friends i have already done, lol, white underwear, the same i was using in the tub
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    Probably once a day for me. I try all sorts. po*n. Trading nudes with random people. Humping ****. Fully naked. Shoving my —— in ****. I’m 15 but I do whatever.
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    I was hurrying for my bus, when running up a ramp for it, i witnessed an actual on the d*ck sag! From some lad heading downwards towards me. Them kinda sags incredibly rare in the UK. I visibly watched the outline of his d*ck coming closer and closer. Here wore red boxers. Perfect end to a perfect day i say
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    I think I'd like to give this a try too.
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    Gets me all worked up... I was freeballin one day and saggin good. Had jacket on to cover. Came back to room and rubbed one off. Sorry had to censor pix. Keepin it clean

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