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    Connecticut, USA
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    Just a guy, into seeing saggers and sagging myself when I can -- which is not often enough :-(
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    Music (classical, but also others), religion, Mac computers, sagging, saggers, colorful socks
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  1. Just curious... anyone else on here host on AirBNB? Do you sag around your guests... and if so, any reactions?
  2. especially 1:10 to 1:47. Also 5:12 to end...
  3. And when he tells you it's "hot as F****", do you let it slide lower? hehe...
  4. How low do you usually sag on a first date, MattDaz?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHFu6SwBf9U
  6. Nice!
  7. Hey guys, great idea... but you forgot to include a question about whether your other half sags too
  8. So, Flamey, what sort of conversation do you have with companies like this... like how does it start / go?
  9. The first minute+ is tame, but then some major sags start in around 1:20-ish through 2:15, and then in spots here and there after that.
  10. It's been so sad not to be seeing much of Aston Merrygold these days... but in case anyone was worried he'd stopped sagging: Aston section starts in around 4:00; good sag views at 4:35 and following, and 4:55 and following.
  11. Day-um! Hot!
  12. I'm with Tyler here... not huge into bare feet, but definitely into socks (and sometimes, to a lesser degree, shoes).
  13. I like to listen to all sorts of music, but am big in to classical myself as well... and that's been my primary mode of making music myself -- choral singing especially, but also some pipe organ and piano playing.