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    I started sagging about 11, haven't quit, just sag lower as I go. Discovered the joy of freeballing abut the same time, so I do that too, sometimes sag when freeballing.
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    sagging, saggers, extreme saggers, saggers showing skin, being outdoors and sagging shirtless
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  1. lo2go

    Adidas Shorts and Satin Boxers

  2. lo2go

    Adidas Shorts

    So hot . . . you AND the sag! This is wet dream stuff.
  3. lo2go

    piss myself

    Not particularly interested. Now, cumming . .. different story, different response.
  4. lo2go

    Hey guys

  5. lo2go


    Hot! Suggestively hot, even.
  6. lo2go


    NICE sag!
  7. lo2go


    Oh, wow!
  8. lo2go


    Hot body, too!
  9. lo2go


    Oooooh! awesome body with virility showing I'm getting horny . . .
  10. lo2go


    Yeah, man, nice BODY - - - and nice-fitting bbs to boot.
  11. lo2go


    Yesss! . .. and me, too!
  12. lo2go


    Ooooh! Hot!!
  13. WANTED to start at about 10, tried it, loved the feeling, especially since it was a bit erotic and I was approaching puberty, and loved the excitement of sagging when my parents absolutely forbade it. So I sagged whenever I could get away with it until out of college and out of parents' home and sight at 21, then started sagging for real - every place I could. Maybe one of my early problems is that I thought the only real sag was totally BTB, which was totally "dangerous" around home . . .
  14. lo2go


    Mmmmmm!! So hot!

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