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    im not much of a sagger, so I'm shy on my sags
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  1. Boxers vs. Briefs

    I personally wear bbs or briefs. Not too much into boxers cause not much into the open feeling unless i'm naked.
  2. Trading underwear?

    Sounds like a lot of fun to me.
  3. shooting your spunk

  4. Main thing I like to do is play trading card games, I put video games and watching tv on a backburn when I get challenged to a card game. Other than that, if I can I like to swim, photography (Which I too haven't done much of as of late), run, or watch anime.
  5. Trading underwear?

    Starting an underwear exchange would be hot!
  6. No Clothes

    Sadly enough, with babysitting, if I was to go to someones house and a naked kid opened the door, I wouldn't give a second thought to it. I'd be more concerned if a creeper was trying to see the kid or get pics of the kid.
  7. shooting your spunk

    Same, I only swallow for those who I'm dating. Anyone else if they don't give me a warning I'll spit out. But with another person, it usually depends on the position I'm in. If I'm top I normally blow inside them cause a lot of the guys I've been sexual with like that. If I take it, usually have them blow on top of me or themselves.
  8. I think I found a way of getting around being uncomfortable sagging in public. I'll sag as I'm broadcasting (while I have my clothes on) to get use to the feeling of others seeing me sag.

  9. Should I?

    UPDATE: I have started doing it. It's interesting will say that. If you wanna watch sometime, follow me on the site or my twitter for it and see when I'll be on. and
  10. No Clothes

    Hot damn bro
  11. Should I?

    Thanks, was gonna braodcast today but in too much pain after getting fucked then roommate has too much stuff going on around me to do it.
  12. Should I?

    It's not really forcing, tbh. Like it's something I've always been curious about doing only I want it to end up going well. Not end up a poop-show. If anything, I can just put on the twitter account I made for it when I'm going to be going up and only certain people with the password view the show instead of making it to where anyone on can view. I had bought a web cam to do it and due to the type of computer I have, I can't even use the web cam. The built-in camera I have really sucks.
  13. Should I?

    I'm just not sure I could actually do something like that. Like i went out today and bought a camera for it but can't use it. I hate showing my body off so the main reason I'd do it is for the money I might be able to bring in.
  14. Should I?

    Can't really call it a porno since it'd be me jacking off but that's the ideal of it. I'm not thinking about showing my face but I may every now and then, maybe during private shows.
  15. Should I?

    So I wanna do a broadcast show online but I'm not totally sure I should do it. Like, it'd be fun but not too sure if it's actually should do it with the type of thing it is. Here's a link for the site I was thinking of doing the show: <Mod removed link>

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